Currency Tech

R 2: 1.3035
R 1: 1.2927
CURRENT: 1.2825
S 1: 1.2730
S 2: 1.2690

R 2: 85.05
R 1: 84.60
CURRENT: 84.23
S 1: 84.00
S 2: 83.59

R 2: 1.5599
R 1: 1.5536
CURRENT: 1.5414
S 1: 1.5335
S 2: 1.5256

R 2: 0.9200
R 1: 0.9120
CURRENT: 0.9079
S 1: 0.8938
S 2: 0.8900

Market Brief

The markets have been trading in a rather tight range this morning, unsurprisingly considering the all important US non-farm payrolls number is to be released later in the day. Asian equities are largely tilting towards the green this morning as a combination of better than expected data from the US last night has kept risk appetite inflated in the build up to the jobs report due out at 1230 GMT.

A better reading in the pending home sales (MoM 5.2% act v -1.0% exp & -2.8% prev / YoY -20.1% act v -20.3% prev) along with an improved weekly initial jobless claims report (472K act v 475K exp & 478K prev) has kept equities in the green, with the Nikkei up a quarter percent at 9084.21 at the time of writing.Looking towards the day ahead, with no major surprises expected from the Euro-zone Retail Sales reading, currency markets will remain focused on the jobs number and should remain in a range bound pattern in the build up to this release.