• google bitcoin
    UK Aims For Central Role In Bitcoin Trading

    August 06 2014 12:18 PM EDT

    The Treasury report expected this fall will highlight benefits and downsides associated with bitcoin and other digital currencies.

  • Putin
    Russia Hikes Rates Following S&P Rouble Downgrade

    April 25 2014 7:47 AM EDT

    Bank of Russia says it will keep rates elevated.

  • HSBC Bank
    Dozens Quit HSBC's Hong Kong Office For Chinese Banks

    March 11 2014 7:02 AM EDT

    Some banks like HSBC are trying to trim their retail-brokerage arms as competition is heating up in an already tough market.

  • Bitcoin by Shutterstock 2
    Here's How To Mine Bitcoins

    January 15 2014 1:31 PM EST

    If you want to know how to mine bitcoins and join the virtual currency world, here's all you need to know.

  • Here's How Money Gets Printed

    January 15 2014 8:30 AM EST

    The currency printing process from A to Z is explained in this infographic.

  • Life and Times of Winamp

    November 21 2013 11:15 AM EST

    After 15 years, Winamp announced on its website that it will be closing for good on Dec. 20.

  • Tea Party Rally
    3 Crazy Quotes On The US Debt Limit Crisis

    October 09 2013 2:45 PM EDT

    Here are three curious quotes from Republican lawmakers regarding the ongoing U.S. debt limit crisis.

  • Poison Frog
    Study: Female Frogs Prefer Mates That Can Multitask [VIDEO]

    August 19 2013 9:28 AM EDT


  • Burlington, VT
    3 Great Places to Live in the U.S. [VIDEO]

    July 25 2013 9:35 AM EDT


  • Detroit Factory
    Detroit Files for Bankruptcy Amid Crushing Debt [VIDEO]

    July 19 2013 9:12 AM EDT

  • Syringe
    Scientists Have Found Cure For Down Syndrome [VIDEO]

    July 18 2013 3:34 PM EDT


  • iPhone 5 models
    Prediction: Apple Will MURDER iPhone Sales Estimates [VIDEO]

    July 18 2013 3:06 PM EDT

    Apple News

  • Chevron Fire
    Chevron Wants More Info on Poland Gas Exploration [VIDEO]

    July 10 2013 11:16 AM EDT

  • Euro retreats from one-month high vs dollar
    29/5/2013 - The Current Market Sentiment

    May 29 2013 10:14 AM EDT

    The Single currency could find support versus the greenback to rise to 1.2976 until now with the release of Germane CPI flash reading of May which indicated rising of the inflation pressure over the consuming level more than what was expected to repeat of EU M3 has told too this morning by rising also more than expected increasing the possibility of pushing up the inflation in EU.

  • US Federal Reserve
    Is the Fed is sticking to its policy or stuck in it?

    May 16 2013 7:27 AM EDT

    You can find now the optimism of having a closer ending of the Fed’s QE at the price of gold which is traded below 1400$ no per ounce after it had been well buoyed following the credit crisis because of that policy which is still underpinning the assets prices in US and you can see that also at the current unprecedented prices in US equities market which pushed up the risk appetite in Europe and Asia too while the treasuries are still also well-supported watching markedly falling of its yields since the worries about the US labor market has increased with the release of March labor report which suggested continued support by the Fed to it and this stance has not changed even after April report which came better than expected.

  • currencies
    3/5/2013 - The Current Market Sentiment

    May 03 2013 7:51 AM EDT

    The single currency is still under pressure after yesterday ECB decision to cut the interest rate by 0.25% to be 0.5% saying that was for stimulating the economy while the pricing pressure is strongly well contained currently as the falling of HICP flash reading of April to 1.2% y/y.

  • Currencies
    9/4/2013 - The Current Market Sentiment

    April 09 2013 12:22 PM EDT

    The market participants are still trying to translate the stimulating wave which has been sent out from BOJ last week by showing extending possibility of its JGB maturities holding with doubling the amount of it has of them by the end of 2014 by buying what are from 60 to 70 trillion yen yearly. You can see now the yield curve of JGB 10 years up to 0.53 from 0.45% at the time of these decisions and what’s below 0.5% before them and this can be read by different ways.

  • Currencies
    5/4/2013 - The Current Market Sentiment

    April 05 2013 12:05 PM EDT

    The risk appetite is still depressed by the weak US non-farm payrolls of March which have shown adding new 88k jobs while they were expected to be to 200k from 236 in February have been revised up to 268k. the US major indexes are still in the red territory while the greenback is still under pressure versus the single currency which could have a place again above 1.30 after yesterday rising following Draghi’s comments which ensured that there is no way to use Cyprus rescue plan as a template in other euro zone countries.

  • Currencies
    19/3/2013 - The Current Market Sentiment

    March 19 2013 8:30 AM EDT

    The risk appetite is still depressed by the proposal of Cyprus rescue plan proposal by EU and IMF despite the recent given space to it to get out Eur5.8B anyway out of its banking sector depositors to let it fulfill its previous obligation of insuring the accounts amounts which are less than Eur100k. God willing the voting is planned to be today and delaying it 2 times looking for much more flexibility from EU and IMF and also looking for backing to this plan inside Cyprus while the other option as its President Nicos Anastasiades has said is the bankruptcy of the biggest 2 Cypriot banks at least.

  • Arrangement of various world currencies including Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc and pictured in Warsaw
    7/3/2013 - The Current Market Sentiment

    March 07 2013 8:12 AM EST

    God willing, the market will be waiting today for the ECB’s interest rate decision which is widely expected to keep the interest rate unchanged by 0.75% but there can be turning back of having this decision by majority as what has been done on 6th of last December meeting which lead to drive the single currency down to 1.2882 versus the greenback not unanimously as what has happened in the recent 2 meeting because of the weak economic data which are coming out from the euro zone and the inflation easing down by this economic slowdown.