• Yuan slips against dollar as pact with Japan set to start

    May 31 2012 12:01 PM EDT

    The value of the monetary unit of China dropped against the world's reserve currency on Tuesday

  • Danish Downgrades Deepen Euro's Depression

    May 31 2012 11:54 AM EDT

    The euro shot lower yesterday, trading with a 1.23 handle as the market digested news that eight Danish banks had been downgraded.

  • Asian Stocks, Euro Drop On Spanish Debt Fears; Nikkei Down 2%

    May 30 2012 9:14 PM EDT

    Asian shares, the euro and oil prices fell Thursday as surging borrowing costs in Spain heightened fears of euro zone debt contagion.

  • European Fears Flare

    May 30 2012 11:38 AM EDT

    In a direct statement overnight the European Commission has said it would consider directly recapitalizing troubled European banks via the European Stability Mechanism

  • Growth in Asia, North America push up loonie against rivals

    May 29 2012 6:35 PM EDT

    The value of the Canadian dollar gained against most of its rival currencies Tuesday amid strong indications of growth in Asia and North America

  • Markets Await Greek Elections

    May 29 2012 6:03 PM EDT

    The tenuous situation in Greece has become a full-fledged national referendum on whether to stay in the euro zone and accept austerity for debt leniency.

  • Euro Falls Near 2-Year Lows

    May 29 2012 8:12 AM EDT

    The euro slipped against the dollar Tuesday, edging closer to two-year lows.

  • Brazil sees brief respite in losses to real

    May 25 2012 3:40 PM EDT

    The Brazilian real, the currency of Latin America's largest economy, mounted a minor rally after weeks losses brought on by an uncertain economic climate.

  • World Market Overview for May 25

    May 25 2012 11:06 AM EDT

    Overnight price action saw European equities begin their session on a positive footing, but have since pared these gains and are now in the red as investor sentiment waffles.

  • South Korea Market Outlook

    May 24 2012 3:51 PM EDT

    South Korean shares rose Thursday as local institutions snapped up stocks on views that local stocks were undervalued that offset lingering concerns over the possible exit of Greece from the EuroZone.

  • German Economy Hits the Skids

    May 24 2012 3:46 PM EDT

    Key German business index down for 1st time in 6 months. A Key German economic indicator, the Ifo business climate index, fell for the 1st time in 6 months despite potential for increased exports, figures released Thursday showed.

  • Data Disappoints in Europe, US

    May 24 2012 10:52 AM EDT

    In economic news, the euro data was overwhelmingly negative, which interestingly enough did not propel the euro lower.

  • Currencies and Commodities Creep Lower

    May 24 2012 10:50 AM EDT

    In 2008, when the financial crisis was taking form, it was the US who sneezed and the world who caught a cold.

  • Euro Drops As Leaders Meet; France, Germany Split

    May 23 2012 8:21 PM EDT

    As European leaders struggled to hold the euro zone together at a nighttime summit in Brussels, a widening gap emerged between Germany and France, which are now under new management.

  • US Treasury gives China direct access to buy US Bonds

    May 23 2012 9:43 AM EDT

    In June 2011 the US Treasury Department granted the Chinese government direct-bidder status to purchase US Treasuries direct from the US government. All other central banks must purchase US Treasuries through primary dealers on Wall Street, which then place bids on their behalf at Treasury auctions.

  • BoJ Leaves Monetary Policies Unchanged; USD/JPY Drops

    May 23 2012 7:52 AM EDT

    The Bank of Japan met during the 5/22 Asian session to discuss monetary policy. The market has been pricing in more stimulus even though Shirakawa had spoke again st it. The BoJ added 10 tillion yen to its asset purchase program last month to make it 40 trillion yen, but kept it there this month. The overnight lending rate was also left below 0.1%.

  • UK Inflation Cools Back to 3.0%, Another Step Closer to BoE?s 2.0% Target

    May 22 2012 10:39 AM EDT

    Recent GBP-weakness has to do with the Bank of England putting QE and basically the idea of monetary stimulus back on the table. This was not a viable option when the inflation rate was above the target of 2.0%. However as Mervyn King mentioned in the latest dovish BoE Inflation report, inflation is slowing. This data confirms that, and with commodity prices continuing to fall in May, we can expect the trend to continue downwards.

  • Rupee
    Indian Rupee Falls To New Low, Sensex Drops 1 Percent

    May 22 2012 8:10 AM EDT

    Bombay Stock Exchange's benchmark Sensex fell Tuesday by more than 145 points, or 1 percent, as the rupee tumbled to a record low of 55.39 against the dollar.

  • Stacks of Swiss franc, Euro and U.S. dollar banknotes are displayed in a bank in Bern August 15, 2011.
    Euro Recovers Monday On Technicals, But Greek Exit Shadows Trade

    May 21 2012 4:38 PM EDT

    The euro-to-dollar exchange rate recovered Monday from the lows seen late Friday, when the European currnecy nearly touched multiyear lows. Still, the rise appeared to spring mostly from technical retracements, as tradersbelieve Greece will soon be forced to exit the currency union.

  • US Fed May do the Twist

    May 21 2012 3:58 AM EDT

    The US Federal Reserve policy makers may find another round of Operation Twist preferable to an outright asset-purchase program if the US economy shows further signs of weakness or risks increase.