• Trading ideas on AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF 11/28

    The pair seems to be trading in the 0.9325-00 range since yesterday. The bigger trend remains bearish but the immediately it can move further towards 0.9350-400 before it starts moving lower again. Immediate dips are expected to find support near 0.9300 which now hold the key for the pair to move up from here, if 0.9300 is broken then bears will again gain control of the situation. Dollar-Index (80.38) is also lifelessly trading in the 80.47-30 range from yesterday it can rise to 80.55-60 which is likely to further weaken the Euro. Euro (1.2922) is also trading flat in its 1.2950-00 and a break below 1.2900-890 can make it bearish for a further fall to 1.2870-40-20.
  • EUR/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/28

    Sell @: 1.2915 TP Sell @: 1.2865 SL Sell @: 1.2965
  • GBP/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/28

    Sell @: 1.6016 TP Sell @: 1.6006 SL Sell @: 1.6066
  • Trading ideas on AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF 11/27

    As mentioned in the morning the pair was over sold and we were expecting a bounce back/Short covering which is currently carrying the pair up towards 0.9350. The bigger view remains bearish on the pair and once this short covering rally is over we can see the bearish trend continuing and taking the Dollar-Swiss lower. As expected the Dollar index (80.32) has recovered a bit and can go further up towards 80.50. Euro (1.2941) has slipped and can dip further towards 1.2900 where it might well be bought again. So we are looking at 0.9350 on Swiss.
  • EUR/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/26

    Sell @: 1.2949 TP Sell @: 1.2899 SL Sell @: 1.2999
  • GBP/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/26

    Buy @: 1.6000 TP Buy @: 1.6040 SL Buy @: 1.5950
  • EUR/USD Weekly Outlook and Trading Idea

    I thought wave (F) of the Diametric formation from the July 2008 top was going to develop as a Flat pattern and that was the reason I expected a decline twd 1.2500 and below last week. But the last week's rally signals the structure of the suspected wave (F) will be different (not clear yet) and it seems the larger uptrend from the July 2012 low has already resumed. If correct, gains twd 1.3520 will be seen in the next couple of months. With this in mind I favor the long side here against the 1.2670 key Fibonacci level....
  • GBP/USD Weekly Outlook and Trading Idea

    The last week's strong rally suggests wave D is already over and if that's the case, wave E of the suspected Neutral Triangle from June's low is already under way. Thus, one can favor the long side. The problem however is that I do not expect a huge upmove from here. My upside target is just above the 1.6300 level. So, I personally prefer to stay neutral.
  • USD/JPY Weekly Outlook and Trading Idea

    USD has continued its move higher and thus further confirms our long-term bullish idea here. Now, what we need, is a firm move abv 83.800/84.10 area. Once we see such a move, the weekly chart will become positive as well (now the weekly chart is still neutral as long as below 84.10). On the downside, the 80.60 level should provide strong support if a pullback develops from here. If the prices move back below 80.60, that will negate the afore-said bullish idea.
  • GBP/USD: Pivot Point Signal 26.11.2012

    Buy at 1,60307 Stop Loss at 1,60007 Take Profit at 1,60607
  • EUR/USD: Pivot Point Signal 26.11.2012

    Buy at 1,29742 Stop Loss at 1,29442 Take Profit at 1,30042
  • EUR/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/23

    Buy @: 1.2899 TP Buy @: 1.2912 SL Buy @: 1.2849
  • GBP/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/23

    Buy @: 1.5962 TP Buy @: 1.6004 SL Buy @: 1.5912
  • Trade Idea Wrap-up: EUR/USD Buy again at 1.2770

    Analyst Paul Ebeling of www.livetradingnews.com takes a look at EUR/USD. Trade Idea Wrap-up: EUR/USD Buy again at 1.2770
  • EUR/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/22

    Buy @: 1.2842 TP Buy @: 1.2862 SL Buy @: 1.2792
  • GBP/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/22

    Sell @: 1.5898 TP Sell @: 1.5882 SL Sell @: 1.5948
  • 11/21/2012 – USD/JPY Breaks Out to New Highs

    USD/JPY (daily chart) as of November 21, 2012 has extended a full week of substantial gains and has established yet a new 7-month high in the process. During this bullish run, price has broken out above several key resistance levels, including the important 80.50 level, which the pair had previously been unable to breach for the prior six months. USD/JPY has just risen to break out tentatively above 82.00 and, bearish retracements notwithstanding, has a potential upside bias towards a re-test of the important 84.00 level, last reached in mid-March. For the past two months, price has been forming a bullish trend line extending back to the September low just above 77.00. The current bullish breakout run can be seen as an acceleration of that short-term uptrend. To the downside, the strong previous resistance level at 80.50 could potentially serve as new support for any near-term bearish corrections.
  • Trading ideas on AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF 11/21

    Swiss has dipped towards its lower end of the 0.9520-380 range as the good performance in the Euro continues. But both Euro and Swiss are at the upper and lower end of their trading ranges respectively. Chances of Swiss breaking below 0.9380 remain, after which we can see it moving lower towards 0.9350 and 0.9300 in the immediate term. Also the break of this range on the down side is expected to make the medium term outlook bearish. We are not sure if we can see the range breaking today or will it hold till the next meeting of the Euro ministers to decide on the Greece bailout which is scheduled on Monday. On a rise it is expected to face resistance at 0.9460, we would avoid taking positions while it continues to trade in this range.
  • Forex Signals – EURUSD Extinction Burst

    Our SL got hit on our EU short for a loss of 50 pips, pretty much balancing out our profit on the AU short (56 pips). Price got very, very chippy yesterday as there was a possible bearish extinction burst on the 04:00 candle (pretty much the inverse of what occurred on the USDCHF chart. Speaking of which, the inverse correlation between EU and UChf right now is incredibly high if you can come up with a consistent strategy for that :).
  • EUR/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/21

    Sell @: 1.2783 TP Sell @: 1.2733 SL Sell @: 1.2833