• GBP/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/21

    Sell @: 1.5911 TP Sell @: 1.5899 SL Sell @: 1.5961
  • 11/20/2012 – USD/CAD Retreats from Key Resistance

    USD/CAD (daily chart) has shown a marked decline after touching and respecting strong resistance around 1.0050, just above parity. This retreat of the past two days follows a bearish divergence indication between price and oscillator (Stochastics), indicating a potential loss of the bullish trend momentum that has been in place since the September 0.9630 low. This decline from key 1.0050 resistance also occurs after price broke out above both a bearish trend line and the important 0.9900 resistance level in the latter half of October. If price is able to stay below 1.0050 resistance and re-break below 0.9900, thereby breaking down the short-term bullish trend that has been in place since the September 0.9630 low, price could decline further towards a potential re-test of the 0.9800 and then 0.9630 levels. To the upside, in the event of a subsequent breakout above the important 1.0050 resistance, price could move towards a further potential resistance objective around the 1.0230...
  • Forex Signals – EURUSD Stay the Course

    Our short was triggered at 1.2768 on the 22:41 support break.That short is still open after just missing our 50 pip SL by a few pips on two different occasions.
  • EUR/USD Completing a Gartley near Resistance

    Correction, Gartley: EUR/USD continues to consolidate, but instead of a sideways manner between 1.28 and 1.2660, it seems like there is a bullish tilt and a correction. Since the 1.2660 low, you can see in the 4H chart 2 swings up. We are in the second swing now, and it is almost the same distance as the first swing. We can call this an almost completed ABC correction. Some might see it as a “abcd” harmonic retracement pattern as well – a Gartley.
  • Trading ideas on AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF 11/20

    The view remains the same and the pair continues to trade in the 0.9520-9380 and is facing resistance on every rise towards 0.9430. Also the short term charts is showing a bearish SHS with down side target of 0.9320 and the neckline has already been broken. Having said that the uptrend on the short term charts is not yet broken with the trend line support coming at 0.9375. Only a break of this will be a conformation of the down move. Looking at Euro which is trading in the 1.2820-2660 range but there is a possibility of it breaking this range on the upside which will be bearish for Swiss. So the bias remains for Swiss to break 0.9375 and move lower.
  • Forex - USD/CHF Technical Analysis (US Dollar / Swiss Franc)

    The correction has finaly continued on the pair USD/CHF who get back below the major support at 0.9423 and is currently testing its medium term bullish slant (black line). So, we are neutral between 0.9380 (low of November 7th) and 0.9423.
  • Forex - AUD/USD Technical Analysis (Australian Dollar / US Dollar)

    The pair AUD/USD has validated yesterday a return above 1.04 but the price seems to have some difficulties to pursuit its movement above this level. The price has reached 1.0425 at its highest and is curently testing 1.04 as support.
  • EUR/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/20

    Buy @: 1.2842 TP Buy @: 1.2871 SL Buy @: 1.2792
  • GBP/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/20

    Buy @: 1.5923 TP Buy @: 1.5946 SL Buy @: 1.5873
  • GBP/USD: Pivot Point Signal 20.11.2012

    Buy at 1,59336 Stop Loss at 1,59036 Take Profit at 1,59636
  • EUR/USD: Pivot Point Signal 20.11.2012

    Buy at 1,28198 Stop Loss at 1,27898 Take Profit at 1,29498
  • Forex - USD/JPY Technical Analysis (US Dollar / Yen)

    The Yen continues to depreciate againt the US Dollar. The price is now moving above its medium term bullish channel (black lines) and got over the resistance at 81, giving us a new buy signal. Howerer, the pair USD/JPY seems to make a break into its bullish rally and is moving since November 15th between the support at 81 and the resistance at 81.50. Despite this, the price has opened the week on a small bullish gap.
  • Forex - GBP/JPY Technical Analysis (British Pound / Yen)

    The pair GBP/JPY continues to benefit from the weakness of the Yen to pursuit its bullish rally. The price is currently testing the major resistance at 129.50 for the third time. This level matches with a former medium term bullish slant (purple line) who could also act as resistance. The last bullish movement has been led by a short term bullish slant (black lines).
  • Forex - EUR/USD Technical Analysis (Euro / US Dollar)

    The pair EUR/USD made last friday a quick pullback on 1.27 as support and is currently making a rebound. The price is testing the paralell of its bearish channel (brown lines).
  • Forex - EUR/JPY Technical Analysis (Euro / Yen)

    The pair EUR/JPY has failed to get over the resistance at 104 last week after a validation of the breakout of the bearish slant (brown lines). The price made a pullback on this slant and is currently testing again 104.
  • Trading ideas on AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF 11/19

    The pair through the week has been quite bearish after giving a close above 0.9460 last week it dipped below through the week and found support near 0.9400 as it bounced back again. The break above 0.9460 could not be sustained and the pair gave away its gains as the Euro found support at 1.2660 and bounced back, in the coming week there are good chances that the pair will remains ranged between 0.9520-0.9380 and Euro remains ranged between 1.2800-2660. The markets will be looking forward for the Existing home sales and the Housing starts numbers due early next week and if the numbers are better than expected we could then see the Euro coming lower near 1.2660 and Swiss moving towards the upper end of 0.9520 range in the early part of the week. So the bias remains for Swiss trading between 0.9520-9380 for the coming sessions. Having said that the chances of a strong break above 0.9520 are quite slim and if at all witnessed then 0.9610 will be seen, but the preferred scene will be...
  • EUR/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/19

    Sell @: 1.2733 TP Sell @: 1.2716 SL Sell @: 1.2783
  • GBP/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/19

    Buy @: 1.5923 TP Buy @: 1.5939 SL Buy @: 1.5873
  • GBP/USD: Pivot Point Signal 19.11.2012

    Buy at 1,59023 Stop Loss at 1,58723 Take Profit at 1,59323
  • EUR/USD: Pivot Point Signal 19.11.2012

    Buy at 1,27680 Stop Loss at 1,27380 Take Profit at 1,27980