Technical Analysis

  • US Dollar - Yen: USD/JPY Forecast | USD/JPY Weekly Outlook @ Forex Abode

    November 18 2012 5:42 PM EST

    US Dollar - Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) did something which we could not witness for quite some time. The pair showed a volatility of 225 pips during last week. After dropping to 79.21, USD/JPY had a very strong upward jump to 81.46 before entering into a sideways mode and closing for the week at 81.30.

  • GBP/USD Forecast | GBP/USD Weekly Outlook @ ForexAbode

    November 18 2012 5:35 PM EST

    British Pound - US Dollar (GBP/USD) tried to break the support of 200-day moving average and went 22 pips below the 1.5850 support mentioned by us during last weekend (quoted above). The pair touched 1.5828 and found support there to enter a sideways mode. After finding some resistance at 1.5901, the pair closed for the week at 1.5879.

  • AUD/USD Forecast | AUD/USD Weekly Outlook @ Forex Abode

    November 18 2012 3:54 PM EST

    As mentioned during last week that sooner or later we expected a fall (quoted above), The Aussie-Dollar (AUD/USD) found resistance below 1.0500 psychological level and fell from 1.0458. The fall broke the mentioned support of 1.0330 and the pair went as low as 1.0287 before closing for the week at 1.0339.

  • EUR/USD Weekly Outlook and Trading Idea

    November 17 2012 3:53 PM EST

    EUR remains in wave B down in what appears to be a Flat pattern from the July 2012 low. If correct, the prices will continue lower twd 1.2500 and possibly twd 1.2345 before another strong rally takes place. The market is already oversold, so we may see the low for this decline as soon as this week (and most likely in the last week of November). Once I see evidence that a near-term low is in, I will favor a long position here.

  • GBP/USD Weekly Outlook and Trading Idea

    November 17 2012 3:48 PM EST

    GBP is under pressure but the decline from the Sept top is clearly corrective which means it is not likely that this decline is the beginning of a major move lower. Wavewise, I have moved the end of wave (D) (of the Contracting Triangle from the Jan 2009 low) from Jan 2012 low to May 2012 low. If correct, the current decline will find support above the 1.5680 level and another rally twd 1.63 will be seen later this year or early next year.

  • USD/JPY Weekly Outlook and Trading Idea

    November 17 2012 3:42 PM EST

    USD found support just above 79.00 level and rallied strongly last week. So, obviously raising the stop to 79.25 two weeks ago was a mistake. As you know we turned bullish on hourly chart at 79.97 but on the daily chart we do not make updates during the week. And now the markets has gone too much on the upside after the breakout above 80.60 level last week. Still, I am bullish and expect a rise twd 83.80 level. And if we see a break above this level, a larger advance may be seen twd 87.40. So, I prefer the long side as long as the 79.00 level holds as support. A decline below 79.00 will obviously negate this bullish view...

  • EUR/USD Analysis | Euro - US Dollar Rates | EUR to USD

    November 16 2012 9:32 AM EST

    A short-selling order at 1.2740 with a stop-loss at 1.2765 (-25 pips) and take profit target first at 1.2705 (+35 pips) and then 1.2680 (+60 pips).

  • Forex Signals – EURUSD Barely Moving

    November 16 2012 6:46 AM EST

    Price is now sandwiched between an intraday rising support (bottom blue line) and a short-term falling resistance. We still view the rising support as a bearish consolidation pattern (flag pattern) with the drop from mid-October viewed as the flag pole.

  • Forex - USD/CHF Technical Analysis (US Dollar / Swiss Franc)

    November 16 2012 6:19 AM EST

    The breakout of our short term bullish slant (blue line) has led as forecast to a pullback on the support at 0.9423. However, the bullish trend is not in danger at this time. Indeed, the price just broke the bearish slant (purple line in h1) who led the correction. The pair USD/CHF is now close from its medium term bullish slant (black line).

  • Forex - EUR/USD Technical Analysis (Euro / US Dollar)

    November 16 2012 6:14 AM EST

    The pair EUR/USD made yesterday a high on the resistance at 1.28. The price is currently trying to make a return below 1.2750 to fall below the upper band of its bearish channel now support (brown lines).

  • EUR/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/16

    November 16 2012 4:48 AM EST

    Sell @: 1.2733 TP Sell @: 1.2683 SL Sell @: 1.2783

  • GBP/USD Daily Free Signals by AutotradingFX 11/16

    November 16 2012 4:44 AM EST

    Buy @: 1.5870 TP Buy @: 1.5886 SL Buy @: 1.5820

  • GBP/USD: Pivot Point Signal 16.11.2012

    November 16 2012 3:12 AM EST

    Buy at 1,58843 Stop Loss at 1,58543 Take Profit at 1,59143

  • EUR/USD: Pivot Point Signal 16.11.2012

    November 16 2012 3:11 AM EST

    Buy at 1,27956 Stop Loss at 1,27656 Take Profit at 1,28256

  • FOREX MARKET ALERT | Euro Nearing Key Resistance Zone

    November 15 2012 4:41 PM EST

    Trading Alert on EUR/USD

  • EUR/USD Analysis | Euro - US Dollar Rates | EUR to USD

    November 15 2012 11:30 AM EST

    A buy order at 1.2735 with a stop-loss at 1.2715 (-20 pips) and take-profit target first at 1.2755 (+20 pips) and then 1.2770 (+35 pips). The swing limit order with a short-selling position at 1.2790 with a stop-loss at 1.2825 (-35 pips) and take profit target first at 1.2755 (+35 pips) and then 1.2705 (+85 pips).

  • 11/15/2012 – AUD/USD Breaks Below Key Wedge Pattern

    November 15 2012 10:52 AM EST

    AUD/USD (daily chart) has broken down tentatively below a large rising wedge formation that has been in place since the October 1.0150 area low. This breakdown of the wedge pattern occurs after price has been unable for the past week to breach the important 1.0450 upside resistance level, which was also around the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of the last major bearish run from the September 1.0600 area high down to the October 1.0150 area low. The wedge breakdown has placed AUD/USD near both the 200-day moving average and the key 1.0300 level to the downside. In the event of a further breakdown below the 1.0300 area, price could move towards yet another downside re-test of the key 1.0150 price region, in which case it could be positioned for a possible run down towards parity (1.0000).

  • Forex - USD/JPY Technical Analysis (US Dollar / Yen)

    November 15 2012 4:58 AM EST

    Elections in Japan of December 16th give as winner the right political party who is for a new monetary easing without any limits with an objective of inflation at 2 or 3%.

  • Forex - NZD/ USD Technical Analysis (New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar)

    November 15 2012 4:56 AM EST

    The fill in of the bearish gap is not up to date on the pair NZD/USD who broke the support at 0.8134, giving us a new sell signal. The next support at 0.8088 has been reached. Currently, the price seems to move towards a pullback on the resistance at 0.8134. This last bearish waves allow us to draw a short term bearish channel (purple lines in h1).

  • Forex - GBP/JPY Technical Analysis (British Pound / Yen)

    November 15 2012 4:55 AM EST

    Elections in Japan are in December 16th and are giving the right political party as winner. This party is for a new monetary easing to fight the deflation in the country. This ledto a powerful trend reversal on the pair GBP/JPY who retraced the whole of its bearish movement of last week, shaping a V-Bottom pattern (continuation pattern).