Commentary Analysis

  • Gold Prices and Deflation

    June 08 2011 12:52 PM EDT

    Gold Prices go up when cash and bonds fail to beat inflation. It was true in the 1970s, and it's been true again in the last decade. But now, from here, what will Gold Prices do?

  • Mischief From Cheap Money - Shocking Charts

    May 31 2011 5:05 PM EDT

    Three trillion dollars is a lot of cash to hoard up in barely 10 years. It's a lot of cash to unleash on the world's commodity markets, too. And peak oil or not, we monetary maniacs might just have a point. Real returns to cash do matter.

  • The Fed Is NOT Printing Money With QE2

    May 30 2011 4:12 PM EDT

    We're in no danger of hyperinflation because the Fed is not printing money. That's not what the program is all about. Instead it was a gamble meant to lift the prices of stocks and commodities, which it did - but which could now colapse very quickly when QE2 ends.

  • Swiss Franc: Is It Really A Safe Haven?

    May 28 2011 5:31 PM EDT

    The equivocal, baby step rhetoric of the SNB - together with Swiss exporters' reluctance to give up the benefits of a weaker Swiss Franc - suggest that we shouldn't expect Switzerland either to race away from the bottom just yet.

  • Do Higher Interest Rates Always Hurt The Gold Price?

    May 26 2011 5:24 PM EDT

    The evidence from China, for example, suggests that while higher rates certainly have the potential to dent gold demand, far more important drivers are inflation and growth. China's experience may not be typical, but it's certainly worth examining. China is the world's second biggest gold market after India.

  • China gold demand and imports set to rise strongly, by 25% in 3 years

    May 26 2011 9:48 AM EDT

    Chinese gold demand could rise over 22 percent in the next three years and sharply outpace domestic production, the head of the country's largest state-owned gold miner China National Gold Group said on Thursday, signalling room for a strong ramp up in imports.

  • The Quiet Disaster – Gold Reacts to the Ongoing Debt Crisis

    May 24 2011 4:30 PM EDT

    In less than 90 days, the debt crisis in Europe drove gold up more than 17.5% in 2010. If gold were to repeat the same pattern we saw last year, we could tack on 17%+ from today’s prices, putting the metal at over $1780 per ounce.

  • Statistics in commodity markets and especially silver off the charts

    May 17 2011 6:11 PM EDT

    Alarmingly frequent bubbles and busts in copper, wheat, crude oil, silver and pretty much all other natural resources might now be the collateral damage of QE

  • The Fall of the U.S. Empire and the Breakup of the Geopolitical Matrix

    May 17 2011 10:51 AM EDT

    There are two carved-in-granite long-term economic trends; one of them being the decline of the dollar and the other one being war. I think those are locked in, and so I recommend people buy investments that do well during wartime or during periods of currency debasement, which we have.

  • A Harsh Lesson About the Metals Markets

    May 12 2011 2:52 PM EDT

    This correction is a harsh reality check for those of us (myself included) who purchased substantial amounts of metal at much higher levels. That said, it's time to put our game faces back on and think about this logically, now that a lot of the emotion has been sucked out of the market. The good news is that times like these create the best opportunities.

  • Rise and rise of gold: Will prices hit $2,500 on 'insatiable' Chinese demand?

    May 10 2011 7:42 AM EDT

    Investors around the world, more so the Chinese, are buying up gold assets to cover against rising inflation risk, macroeconomic uncertainties, a possible currency doom and the ever worsening U.S. debt scenario. The gargantuan demand from China can cause the yellow metal's prices to skyrocket, analysts feel. If the Chinese buying trend is ably supplemented with a fall in the value of dollar, this could result in a skyrocketing of prices.

  • Did the silver bubble burst?

    May 09 2011 1:46 PM EDT

    There are three reasons to believe that the silver bubble has burst with last week's tremendous 30-percent crash.

  • Gold and silver bounce back, rally likely intact

    May 09 2011 10:40 AM EDT

    Gold and silver have rebounded on Monday after last week’s big drop. Gold is trading above $1,500 per ounce and silver recovered to $36 per ounce

  • Gold bars are displayed at a branch of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation in Tokyo
    Why gold prices jumped after Bernanke’s press conference

    April 28 2011 11:31 AM EDT

    Gold prices jumped after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s press conference because he confirmed that he doesn’t understand monetary inflation.

  • What's Special About $1500 Gold?

    April 26 2011 8:29 AM EDT

    Gold is constant. What is changing is everything else - the volume and quality of debt, in particular, and the volume of US Dollars most especially. That's what makes the golden constant stand out against the noise of the Dollar's latest plunge.

  • Gold bars and US Dollar bills
    Is gold rising because America is broke?

    April 24 2011 5:15 AM EDT

    Gold prices shot up to a new record of $1,512.50 an ounce in New York late on Friday, posting a record weekly gain and maintaining a six-week winning streak. What the gold rally means to the dollar and the American people is obvious from the rush pawn shops see across the United States.

  • So What Is Silver Shouting About?

    April 19 2011 4:11 PM EDT

    The CURRENT SURGE in silver prices worldwide might seem dramatic, but it's more measured - so far, at least - than the true silver bubble that went Bang! in Jan. 1980. Even so, you might as well call this a record price.

  • There will be no New Gold Standard, Part II

    April 10 2011 3:11 PM EDT

    Backing money with gold isn't the problem for the legion of policy-makers and economists running the official monetary system. Raising interest rates is.

  • Silver's Long-Run Value

    April 08 2011 1:11 PM EDT

    Silver is a very different market to gold. Most crucially, there's no commonly accepted benchmark value - such as a suit of men's clothes for an ounce of gold - against which to measure silver across time.

  • The Swiss Franc, Euro and Gold

    April 05 2011 4:16 PM EDT

    Seems you can't keep a safe haven down. Not when retained wealth worldwide needs to escape money-printing and zero rates at home. What options are left to anxious savers? What choice but the Euro is still open to the Swiss National Bank...?