Commentary Analysis

  • Daily Gold and Silver Report - Tripoli Trouble-Trades Thriving

    March 02 2011 12:55 PM EST

    Clearly, no one bought Gaddafi' son's declaration that this 'thing' will be over in two days. With that in mind, here (in the article) is WHAT they are buying: Oil/gold/gold/oil/oil/silver/silver/oil/oil/platinum/oil/palladium/euros. Oh, and the four people who read the ADP news bought the Dow. Everyone else, sold. The dollar.

  • Gold Reaches New Record High - News Barely Reported by Mainstream Media

    March 02 2011 9:10 AM EST

    The media's continuing non-coverage of gold and silver is a clear indication of the lack of animal spirits in the sector. It is proof, if any were needed, that the mainstream media and the man on the street remains far from bullish on gold and silver.

  • Daily Gold and Silver Report - King's Speech

    March 01 2011 1:08 PM EST

    The world turned up the heat on a recalcitrant Muammer Gaddafi over the past 24 hours and the results thereof were fairly obvious in various markets overnight as well as this morning. The West deployed military assets around Libya, Russia and Turkey objected to any kind of intervention, the US and Austria joined the growing list of countries that have frozen Libyan and/or Gaddafi assets. More than $30 billion in such funds were placed on ice by US authorities yesterday.

  • China vows to develop gold market as demand rises
    Analysis: Jewellery demand supports gold in investment demand dips

    February 28 2011 10:02 AM EST

    The proportion of total gold demand accounted for by jewelry fell to just over 50 percent in 2009 from 75 percent in 2004. In the same period investment demand nearly tripled. But jewelry buyers still have a key role to play in the gold market, which they are likely to keep despite any slight fall-off in demand.

  • Silver Prices: Manipulation and Backwardation

    February 23 2011 8:52 AM EST

    The biggest story in the silver market is not the price gains, but rather a condition of backwardation in the silver futures market. Ted Butler discusses the significance along with silver price manipulation.

  • Hold your breath: Gold, silver outlook remains bullish

    February 22 2011 8:40 AM EST

    Demand for gold and silver will remain high in 2011 owing to growth in physical demand and continued investor appetite, according to a Daily Markets analysis. It says the outlook for the precious metals remains bullish.

  • China’s dilemma: Higher inflation or deflation of exportables

    February 18 2011 2:36 PM EST

    With growing inflation in China, policymakers are facing tough decisions. This column argues that if the government is to curb inflation without allowing for the deflation of the tradables, it should do so through sector focused policies.

  • Gold Demand: India & China Jump to Unbelievable New Records

    February 17 2011 1:21 PM EST

    Forget central banks and Western haven demand. Indian and Chinese households drove 2010's surge in gold demand. And you've got to go a long way to over-state the strength of this physical gold demand in 2010.

  • Bernanke gives US Dollar the bad reputation of Mubarak

    February 15 2011 3:12 PM EST

    Based on his recent public comments, Fed Chairman Bernanke seems determined to give the U.S. dollar the reputation of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak: an unwanted relic of the past that everyone agrees must go, but stubbornly clings to a privileged position.

  • The end of the global currency regime is now unavoidable

    February 14 2011 8:13 PM EST

    The debts assumed by the Western democracies will overwhelm their economies and lead to the end of our current Dollar-denominated, global currency regime. This has profound implications for Americans' standard of living and our empire's role in the world.

  • Pension funds gold insurance for bond portfolio in the crosshair

    February 14 2011 12:24 PM EST

    Since Gold Bullion cannot go bust – and because its tight supply typically finds strong demand (and thus rising prices) when cash loses value to inflation – gold in fact makes the perfect insurance for fixed-income investments like corporate or government bonds.

  • Peter Grandich: Gold, the Mother of All Bull Markets

    February 14 2011 4:08 AM EST

    Market commentator and investor Peter Grandich of and Grandich Publications tells The Gold Report that certain plays on surging demand and looming commodity shortages are no-brainers for investors, and he shares a few ideas on how to profit from these conditions. Peter also believes that U.S. monetary policy has been a disaster and that it will end badly for the U.S. stock market and economy. He's bullish on China and on base-and especially-precious metals, energy, food a...

  • The World Priced in Gold

    February 10 2011 3:20 PM EST

    What would the world look like if, as some economists, investors and politicians now urge, gold really was money once again?

  • Daily Gold and Silver Report - Manning The Inflation Battle Stations ?

    February 10 2011 11:56 AM EST

    A relatively new but really unsurprising (for the times) buzzword combination made the rounds in overnight markets; inflation curbs. Apparently some have become totally fed up with commodity price inflation as brought to them courtesy of the Fed's easy money policies and the resultant addiction of speculative funds to gambling with the basic lifeblood of modern agricultural and industrial life.

  • Pentonomics - JPMorgan Has Seen the Light

    February 08 2011 5:43 PM EST

    Even JPMorgan is losing faith in the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The bank is already a custodian for some precious metal ETFs; but now has also decided to accept physical gold as collateral with its counterparties.

  • U.S. Brush with Debt Could Send Gold to the Moon

    February 07 2011 6:46 PM EST

    If you watch the Stock Market, (even I do) it appears there is no consternation over whether or not the debt ceiling will be raised in the weeks ahead.  By some reports, it is estimated that we will bounce off our current debt ceiling sometime between early April and late May.

  • Doug Groh: What's Old Is New Again in Gold

    February 07 2011 4:38 PM EST

    Do old investment strategies apply to the new gold market? Doug Groh, a fund manager and senior research analyst with Tocqueville Asset Management in New York City, has been analyzing basic materials and gold equities for more than 25 years. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Dough explains how to view gold's history when making investments in its future.

  • David Skarica: Bond Vigilantes Ultimately Good for Gold

    February 04 2011 4:38 PM EST

    Addicted to Profits Editor David Skarica predicts that in the second half of 2011, Europe's bond vigilantes will make their presence felt in the U.S. by driving up interest rates and driving down the dollar. That's one of the reasons he remains bullish on gold. I think we're going to see gold headed much, much higher, David says in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report. To learn about David's investment thesis for the gold market and a few names that offer bet...

  • Gold prices at critical juncture, where will they go? [EVENT CHART]

    February 04 2011 1:14 PM EST

    The price of gold is at a critical juncture. What happens in the next couple of weeks can determine whether the metal's spectacular rally will continue or fade.

  • The Cause and Evidence of Inflation

    February 04 2011 12:50 PM EST

    On CNBC's The Kudlow Report dated Tuesday February 1st, Donald Luskin gave his version of the textbook definition of inflation as an overall rise in the overall price level. But my 1988 edition of the Webster's Dictionary puts it differently. Their definition of inflation is, An increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods resulting in a substantial and continuing rise in the general price level.