Commentary Analysis

  • Lear Capital: Inflation and Gold

    January 17 2011 1:11 PM EST

    I think it is safe to say neither QE1 nor QE2 is trickling down to the average income earner.  And if it is, it's being spent to keep up with inflation that we are told really doesn't exist.  Evidence of this comes to us as we examine consumer spending data.

  • Bullish Sentiment in Gold Abates

    January 16 2011 1:01 PM EST

    An upward sloping consolidation in Gold that began in October has, despite a lack of any real losses, been enough to improve various sentiment indicators.

  • Lear Capital: Food Inflation to Drive Gold Higher

    January 13 2011 10:07 AM EST

    As I am known to make point of, inflation may be running at numbers much higher than the reported data indicates.  Said data mostly ignores the cost of food and energy as though none of us needs to eat, heat our homes or drive our cars.

  • Mark Lackey: Will Growth Hamper Gold?

    January 13 2011 4:15 AM EST

    Has the U.S. economy turned the corner? Mark Lackey with Toronto-based financial services company Pope & Co. is forecasting modest growth and slight inflation. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Mark explains why that shouldn't drive a continued correction in gold prices and shares some companies that are set to prosper-whether they've got an NI 43-101-compliant estimate or not.

  • Employee poses with a gold chain at a jewellery store in Taipei
    China Drives Fresh Demand for Gold

    January 12 2011 5:10 PM EST

    Central banks – both from developed and developing countries – have showed more interest in gold recently given the uncertainty over the future of the international monetary system. China, in particular, has thrown its weight behind gold.

  • An employee displays a gold necklace during a photo opportunity at the Ginza Tanaka store in Tokyo September 17, 2010.
    Scott Carter, CEO Goldline: Macro-economic trends driving gold for one decade remain firmly in place

    January 11 2011 2:14 PM EST

    Topics of this interview include Scott Carter highlighting the global dynamic of today's interest in gold, and how macro-economic trends continue to drive the decade long bull market of the precious metals. We also evaluate the possibility of seeing QE3 in 2011.

  • Mainstream TV Hacks Deny Gold its Fundamentals

    January 10 2011 9:44 PM EST

    Attributing fear and confusion to what is becoming a multi-decade bull market is borderline heretical. I understand that Wall Street stock jocks hate Gold. Fine. But let's get one thing straight. There are real driving forces here which can be sustained into the future.

  • The New Gold Rush

    January 06 2011 2:42 PM EST

    In this piece, we will examine four of gold's most important rules; the irreversible trends affecting the gold price; and how the consequences of these trends will push gold higher in 2011 and beyond.

  • The smart investment choice in 2011 will be Gold

    December 22 2010 9:13 PM EST

    When the return on savings is less than the rate of inflation it doesn't matter that gold doesn't provide you with an income. Tightly supplied and indestructible, it offers a natural and obvious alternative to cash. Inflation expectations are rising as 2011 begins.

  • How the Fed destroys the American Living Standard

    December 20 2010 8:42 PM EST

    Ben Bernanke and his friends on the Federal Reserve have a PR machine to help sell their lies. Let's assess whether Ben and his Federal Reserve have helped or hurt the average American.

  • PRECIOUS TECHNICAL - Gold, silver up on physical demand; aim upper Bollinger levels

    December 16 2010 10:28 AM EST

    Gold sees $1,391.5 and silver $29.33 as near term levels of resistance. Gold has its second stop near $1,407.80 while silver has it at $29.97 level.

  • Gold mining activities
    PRECIOUS ASIA - Dollar strength due to Fed decision weighs on metals; gold, platinum steady

    December 15 2010 4:30 AM EST

    Precious metals were down in Asian trade on Wednesday, as dollar's gains following Tuesday's FOMC decision to keep the US quantitative easing program uninterrupted weighed on the investment appeal of the commodities.

  • PRECIOUS TECHNICAL - Gold, silver off 1-week highs after US data; strong SMA supports seen

    December 14 2010 3:47 PM EST

    Gold and silver fell off day's highs after stronger-than-expected US data released Tuesday morning in New York strengthened the greenback, losses in which had helped the metals rose to 1-week highs earlier in the day, but both metals held on to the SMA support strongly.

  • PRECIOUS ROUNDUP - Off highs on Chinese policy action; gold falls least

    December 11 2010 10:57 AM EST

    Precious metals fell across the board in the week to December 10 as a cooling China weighed on demand hopes but the yellow metal remained better alternative in the group amid lingering worries over the euro-zone debt and dollar's ability to play safe-haven.

  • Euro Dämmerung

    December 09 2010 12:41 AM EST

    Germans are now the world's number one Gold Bar buyers. Germany's swivel-eyed gold bugs simply show more imagination than journalists, policy-makers and academic economists.

  • Index
    PRECIOUS ROUNDUP - Gold at highest weekly close; silver at new 30-year high as dollar falls on weak NFP

    December 05 2010 1:38 PM EST

    A weaker-than-expected US jobs data on Friday forced investors to sell dollars and seek shelter in precious metals, helping silver and palladium post two-digit weekly rise and reach fresh multi-year highs in the week to December 3. An IB times study on gold and dollar index suggests investor interest to sell dollar for buying gold probably increased in the week.

  • Totally Standard Hyperinflation

    December 01 2010 2:48 PM EST

    No central bank ever began a hyper-inflationary policy because it feared inflation. Such disasters always come because of vanished credit and economic depression. And whether in Germany nine decades ago, or in Argentina twenty years back, or in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe around the turn of this century, stuff actually gets cheaper - not more expensive - in real terms during hyperinflation.

  • PRECIOUS MONTHLY- Silver, metal of the month; palladium most shining year-to-date

    December 01 2010 12:48 PM EST

    The precious metals were mixed in November, with silver outshining the rest with a 13.6 percent jump, followed by palladium which rose 7.75 percent. Gold managed to end the month with marginal gains of 1.87 percent while platinum fell 2.7 percent from its end-October level.

  • Gold Price: From Diwali to the New Year in China

    November 29 2010 9:15 PM EST

    Surging demand from China, the world's second-largest gold buyer, is changing seasonal patterns in Gold Price trends for investors everywhere. At this current pace, private Chinese demand may overtake India's by 2014 (if not sooner).

  • PRECIOUS ROUNDUP- Silver set to be best performer in November

    November 29 2010 8:06 AM EST

    The week to November 24 was marked by tensions in Korean peninsula that prompted investors to flee from risky assets to safer avenues like US dollar and gold, helping the yellow metal outshine its colleagues in the precious group. However, silver and palladium remained strong in the month, mainly helped by demand for cheaper alternatives in jewelry and industrial applications.