Commentary Analysis

  • Russia's President Medvedev shakes hands with China's Premier Wen Jiabao during their meeting at the presidential residence in Gorki outside Moscow
    China-Russia currency agreement further threatens U.S. dollar

    November 24 2010 5:30 PM EST

    As countries like China and Russia phase out the usage of U.S. dollars for international trade -- including but not limited to oil trade -- its status as the world's reserve currency will continue to slide.

  • U.S. urges unified response to N. Korea, China included
    PRECIOUS – Gold near 1-wk high, silver near Tuesday’s 12-day peak; peace appeal helps commodities

    November 23 2010 10:25 AM EST

    Gold and silver that bounced off key short-term support levels on Tuesday, dropped again as a sudden North Korean attack on South Korean territory sparked dollar buying by cautious investors but an appeal for peace by China and South Korea has helped the commodities recoup some of the losses.

  • Ireland, China fail to push gold and silver through key supports, gold hits fresh 1-week high

    November 23 2010 8:01 AM EST

    Key technical supports make the way downward bumpy for gold and silver, probably aided by the long-term bullishness for the precious metals while many also expect the US dollar to weaken further.

  • PRECIOUS ROUNDUP - Silver, palladium post weekly gains; gold, platinum down

    November 21 2010 4:01 PM EST

    In an eventful week, that passed through uncertainty about Ireland's response to a bailout offer, an unexpectedly higher Chinese inflation number and its policy response and largely mixed US data, investors remained cautious about the changing 'risk-friendliness' of commodities. In a mixed precious metals segment, silver rose 5 percent in the week and palladium was up by 4.4 pct while gold fell 1.1 percent and platinum dropped by 0.9 percent from previous Friday.

  • Gold bars
    Silver, palladium, smarter metals on TOCOM, heading for weekly gains

    November 19 2010 12:40 PM EST

    Silver and palladium futures posted sharper gains on Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) on Friday after stronger than expected data from the world's largest economy on Thursday weakened the US dollar and increased investment appeal for risky assets.

  • Interview with Jonathan Rose: Audit the Federal Reserve and Gold ETFs

    November 18 2010 6:23 PM EST

    In the following interview of IBTimes with Jonathan Rose, President and CEO of Capital Gold Group, he talks about the recent cool down of the gold price, the impact of the non-results of the G-20 summit, the different mentality of investors in the U.S. and Britain regarding gold, and says that the Federal Reserve and gold ETFs should be properly audited.

  • A 100 yuan banknote is placed next to a $100 banknote in this picture illustration taken in Beijing
    China's yuan not 'free enough' to be part of SDR - IMF

    November 18 2010 7:38 AM EST

    A day after cutting the weighting of US dollar and yen in the SDR, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said it did not include China's yuan in the basket as the currency does not meet the freely usable criteria.

  •  Wen Jiabao
    Commodities drop across the board on fresh hawkish signals from China, EU woes

    November 17 2010 12:40 PM EST

    Commodities slid across the board on Wednesday on fresh signals from China that it will soon raise rates with lingering Euro area debt woes also helping keep investors away from risky assets. Gold and silver traded near their 2-week lows while copper and platinum fell to their lowest since late September. Also, December and January crude fell to its lowest since Oct. 29.

  • World Bank President Robert Zoellick
    Zoellick brings up gold standard, but why such opposition?

    November 13 2010 7:20 PM EST

    World Bank President Robert Zoellick is the most high-profile person in recent history to bring up the gold standard. However, his endorsement was almost universally dismissed as too archaic and impractical.

  • A 100 yuan banknote is placed next to $100 banknotes
    Will China raise rates? Will US data guide QE talks? – Next week’s forex questions

    November 13 2010 1:22 PM EST

    The dust of G-20 has settled. World leaders sat around a large table set this time in South Korea, searched for that magic wand in their suit pockets, and then looked at each other's face with disappointment. They didn't get one to 'calm down' the emerging fears of a 'world war' on trade and currencies. They did not 'direct' China and/or US as some hoped.

  • Silver outshining gold is old story, technicals project

    November 12 2010 12:35 PM EST

    A study on charts shows that silver may not continue to enjoy the status of being better investment alternative over gold in the short-to-medium-term period. And not only that, any correction in both the metals will happen with the white metal falling much steeper than its yellow counterpart.

  • A worker casts an ingot of platinum
    Gold, copper, platinum at 1-week low, oil off 2-yr high on worries China may raise rates

    November 12 2010 11:05 AM EST

    Commodities dropped on Friday as higher-than-expected Chinese inflation triggered rate hike worries in the world's second largest economy pushing gold, copper and platinum to 1-week lows and cutting December crude by more than $2 on the day.

  • 100 troy ounce gold bar
    G20 Seoul summit means buy gold : Jim Cramer

    November 11 2010 5:34 PM EST

    Jim Cramer, a financial pundit and former hedge fund manager, said the best way of making money off the G20 Seoul summit is betting it won't go well. And one bets against the summit by buying gold, he said.

  • Economic suicide is easier than painful solutions

    November 08 2010 6:15 PM EST

    The suicide concoction of fiat currency, debt, military empire, and delusion has been painless for those in power, but painful for the working middle class of this country.

  • Continous money printing will drive gold ever higher: An Interview with Mr. Rose, CEO of Capital Gold Group

    November 03 2010 9:26 PM EDT

    With our debt coming to maturity in the next ten years, which we cannot afford to pay, printing money seems to be our only option, which we feel is going to spur inflation, if not hyperinflation. We also feel if we adjusted gold for the inflationary highs of the 80's, gold bullion should already be at $2,200 an ounce, so we feel very strongly about a further drive up in gold over the next five years.