• Gold (XAU/USD): Pivot Point Signal 18.09.2012

    September 18 2012 3:12 AM EDT

    Sell at 1.759,44 Stop Loss at 1.764,44 Take Profit at 1.754,44

  • Gold (XAU/USD): Pivot Point Signal 17.09.2012

    September 17 2012 3:19 AM EDT

    Sell at 1.766,64 Stop Loss at 1.771,64 Take Profit at 1.761,64

  • Forex - XAU/USD (Gold) Technical Analysis

    September 14 2012 4:56 AM EDT

    The gold (XAU/USD) has validated yesterday the breakouts of 1740 and 1760 points, giving new buy signals. The price just reach the next resistance at 1780 points. We continue to advise long positions as far as 1740 points is support. The breakout of 1780 points will give a new buy signal and allow the price to pursuit its bullish rally towards the resistance at 1800 points.

  • Gold and Silver Bugs are Loving Bernanke and the Fed

    September 14 2012 4:10 AM EDT

    After the Fed announced that it was adding $40 billion in MBS purchases a month at least to the end of this year, the market continued the direction as it had been when pricing in this event.

  • Gold Jumped More than 2% on QE3

    September 14 2012 3:49 AM EDT

    Market sentiment was lifted as the Fed announced purchases of agency mortgage-backed securities, starting tomorrow at a total of US$23B through the end of the month and then at a rate of US$40B per month for an open-ended period. The Fed also decided to extend operation twist through the year end and pledged to leave interest rates at exceptionally low level until mid-2015. Financial markets rallied with the DJIA and the S&P 500 indices gaining +1.55% and +1.63% respectively. In the commodity se...

  • Gold (XAU/USD): Pivot Point Signal 14.09.2012

    September 14 2012 3:15 AM EDT

    Buy at 1.762,70 Stop Loss at 1.757,70 Take Profit at 1.767,70

  • Gold (XAU/USD): Pivot Point Signal 13.09.2012

    September 13 2012 3:18 AM EDT

    Sell at 1.729,70 Stop Loss at 1.734,70 Take Profit at 1.724,70

  • Silver Sliding Sharply from a Double Top

    September 12 2012 1:36 PM EDT

    Silver, which has been rising sharply on the back of expectations of the Fed moving to implement QE3, fell sharply a day before the FOMC meeting, which will be on Thursday (9/13), 2:00PM EDT (18:00GMT). As seen in the 1H chart, silver has completed a double top and fell to the 200-hour SMA before finding some support around 32.45.

  • Gold Biding Time Before Next Leg Higher

    September 12 2012 9:02 AM EDT

    Gold is nearing the objective defined from its breakout in late August. To review, "The alternate gold count was confirmed today with the trade above 1640.80. Using the triangle measuring technique...objectives for gold are 1703.56 and 1754.26." The former was reached and exceeded but the latter level is in line with the 1760 area, which served as a pivot in December 2011 and February 2012. Expect a reaction above 1750.

  • Gold (XAU/USD): Pivot Point Signal 12.09.2012

    September 12 2012 3:21 AM EDT

    Buy at 1.737,05 Stop Loss at 1.732,05 Take Profit at 1.742,05

  • Gold (XAU/USD): Pivot Point Signal 11.09.2012

    September 11 2012 3:17 AM EDT

    Sell at 1.725,68 Stop Loss at 1.730,68 Take Profit at 1.620,68

  • Silver at Multi-Month High

    September 10 2012 11:02 AM EDT

    The price of silver reached a 5-month high this past week as investor interest seems to have been rekindled in both gold and silver as belief in financial markets increases that the latest round of monetary easing from the Federal Reserve - QE3 - will soon be on its way. Many investors had largely stayed away from silver in recent months after some had got caught up in its volatility. Silver had touched a 30-year high in April 2011 before plunging 35 percent in a few short weeks.

  • Daily Trading Report for Gold by CharmerCharts

    September 10 2012 7:55 AM EDT

    Gold broke higher on Friday and once we broke the 1714 barrier up we came breaking all levels of resistance until 1741 just in front of our 1742 resistance...Now we have a trendline on Gold 1762 and also a fib level at if we can stay trading above 1730 we may be able to see these highs before the overbought indicators kick in.

  • Gold (XAU/USD): Pivot Point Signal 10.09.2012

    September 10 2012 3:12 AM EDT

    Buy at 1.732,76 Stop Loss at 1.727,76 Take Profit at 1.637,76

  • Gold (XAU/USD): Pivot Point Signal 07.09.2012

    September 07 2012 3:09 AM EDT

    Sell at 1.697,38 Stop Loss at 1.702,38 Take Profit at 1.692,38

  • Gold (XAU/USD): Pivot Point Signal 05.09.2012

    September 05 2012 3:21 AM EDT

    Buy at 1.699,67 Stop Loss at 1.694,67 Take Profit at 1.704,67

  • Gold Price Update and Outlook

    September 04 2012 8:01 AM EDT

    Gold edged up to its highest level in more than five months on Tuesday, as lacklustre manufacturing data from around the globe fanned opinion of imminent easing measures from central bank.

  • Daily Trading Report for Gold by CharmerCharts

    September 04 2012 3:39 AM EDT

    Gold has not been able to break 1697 and this has actually been the high. Now we are overbought, and the chart pattern evident is an upward waving flag....again a bearish patter...So we look today for the market to fall back and we should be able to reach 1686 without too much trouble..

  • Gold (XAU/USD): Pivot Point Signal 04.09.2012

    September 04 2012 3:13 AM EDT

    Buy at 1.696,53 Stop Loss at 1.691,53 Take Profit at 1.701,53

  • Silver’s Flag and Trendline Breakout Exposes 35.67 and 37.50 Pivots

    September 03 2012 2:28 PM EDT

    After consolidating for most of last week (8/27-8/31) in a flag pattern, silver surged after Bernanke's speech at Jackson hole gave the market more expectation of QE. The 1H chart shows silver popping above the flag pattern after the risk event. The 1H chart above shows the breakout swing stalling as we begin the new week (9/2 in the US, but 9/3 in the Asian session as the global session started during morning in Asia).