Market Commentary

  • Gold, Inflation and Currency Wars

    September 18 2012 8:23 AM EDT

    Gold has been a major topic of talking heads and investment advisors in recent months especially as emerging market central bank purchases begin to dwarf developed nations' reserves. The major moves in gold have come off the back of stimulus measures and recently announced plans for easing. As previously discussed, gold is historically used as a mechanism to hedge against inflation and paper value debasement. This time is no different as the recently announced Chinese stimulus, ECB bazooka, a...

  • All Signs Pointing to Gold

    September 18 2012 3:36 AM EDT

    With another syringe of quantitative easing being injected into the U.S. economy's bloodstream, Ben Bernanke is giving the markets their liquidity fix. The Federal Reserve's action reaffirmed my stance I've reiterated on several occasions that the governments across developed markets have no fiscal discipline, opting for ultra-easy monetary policies to stimulate growth instead.

  • Monetary “Floodgates” And Geopolitical Unrest To Support Precious Metals

    September 13 2012 8:00 AM EDT

    Monetary “Floodgates” And Geopolitical Unrest To Support Precious Metals

  • Why do people store gold offshore?

    September 11 2012 1:55 PM EDT

    Opinion on gold storage is extremely polarised. Almost exactly half of the world's gold buyers strongly prefer to store gold at home, because they trust domestic property rights, while the other half strongly prefer to store it abroad. Surprisingly this ratio is consistent regardless of which country people live in.

  • Gold Standard To Be Reinstated Through The Back Door

    September 06 2012 3:48 AM EDT

    For the first time in over 30 years, talk of a return to the gold standard has become part of mainstream politics in the United States. Part of the official Republican policy adopted it at the recent Republican Convention and called for the commission to look at reestablishing the link between gold and the U.S. dollar. No doubt that plank was added to soothe supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

  • Platinum taps new highs

    August 29 2012 9:34 AM EDT

    The recession took away much of Platinum's relevance, and the rising Gold prices took away Platinum's premium. Now due to major labor strike with Lonmin plc (LN:LMI) in South Africa, Platinum is back in focus. Platinum is back strong, and just started taking a breather.

  • The Gold Standard Gets Another Look

    August 28 2012 3:11 PM EDT

    As Republicans convene in Tampa to nominate Mitt Romney and hammer out their party platform, one of the planks that could attract the most attention is the Party's official position on the gold standard. As it is now being considered, the platform stops short of recommending a return to the gold standard, but does advocate a commission to consider the possibility. However, judging by the reaction with which many Republicans have greeted the idea, one would think that the platform might as wel...

  • Gold: First Mover Advantage

    August 27 2012 5:55 PM EDT

    In the Investor Alert, our investment team shares charts and data that we believe provide readers with a first mover advantage. While markets don't always move like we anticipate, recognizing historical trends can provide an edge if you act quickly.

  • Silver Surges 2.9%; It’s Just the Beginning

    August 27 2012 11:22 AM EDT

    The window for investing in silver while it's still cheap is quickly disappearing. Last week showed signs of increased investor support and Europe easing as the euro rose against the dollar at over a 1% gain. Just a few weeks ago, silver was at a cheap and humble $26/oz. and now it soared to over $30/oz. If the support for precious silver continues as it's expected to, there could be a fast and quick catch-up to gold, closing the value ratio and likely hitting $50/oz before year's end.

  • History May View ECB's Draghi As "Currency Forger of Europe"

    August 27 2012 8:21 AM EDT

    History May View ECB's Draghi As "Currency Forger of Europe"

  • Precious Metals 'Perfect Storm' As MSGM Risks Align

    August 24 2012 7:35 AM EDT

    Precious Metals 'Perfect Storm' As MSGM Risks Align

  • Lear Capital: Fed Speaks and Gold Streaks

    August 23 2012 5:01 AM EDT

    It seems the mood toward gold has shifted over the last few days. Both gold and silver were up significantly on no apparent news. It was as if rising metals prices were trying to tell us something.

  • How Paul Volcker created a Gold Standard without Gold

    August 23 2012 4:56 AM EDT

    On 14 August 1979, a week after he took office as chairman of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volcker led his 1st meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FMOC). "Economic policy," he said, "has a kind of crisis of credibility." As a result, "dramatic action" to combat inflation would not receive public support "without more of a crisis atmosphere."

  • Gold likely to rally to near $2000 plus

    August 23 2012 4:43 AM EDT

    Well, it is clear to us that gold is ready to rally and test $2000 and soon. It will likely be over the months leading into the US election. Let me explain. Gold is due for a major rally because even though the general commodity complex is in the tank and will continue to be, the flight to safety trade is on again. Not to mention that the governments around the world are trying to inflate things.

  • Mistrust Fuels Continued Gold Demand

    August 22 2012 10:27 AM EDT

    In the face of growing fears of a renewed global plunge into economic depression and a climate of low apparent price inflation, investors might expect commodities and precious metals to be falling in price. Instead, gold continues to hover around a relatively high $1,640 an ounce and silver at $29. At the same time, central banks - including those of the ever more important China, Russia and India - continue aggressively to buy gold.

  • Silver Could Hit $50/oz

    August 21 2012 9:06 AM EDT

    The precious metal boom that was cut short in 2011 could be making a strong comeback in late 2012 and over the next few years. The metal to keep a watchful eye on is silver. Analysts and precious metal experts are in harmony on predictions of silver surpassing $50/oz. and gold edging above $1,900/oz by as early as year end.

  • Love Trade Cools as Central Banks' Gold Demand Heats Up

    August 20 2012 5:22 PM EDT

    The two largest gold buyers in the world that largely drive the Love Trade, China and India, underwhelmed the metals market with their subdued demand for the yellow metal during the second quarter of this year.

  • Lear Capital: When BIG Money Moves Into Gold ? What?s Your Next Move??

    August 20 2012 4:37 AM EDT

    And the saga rolls on. When measured in dog years it was just days ago when George Soros said gold was the ultimate bubble. Now he's back at it. Like a dog who keeps trying to bite the tires off a passing car, George is chasing Gold again.

  • Gold/Platinum Ratio Continues to Search for Peak

    August 16 2012 8:14 AM EDT

    Commodity prices traded narrowly in European session as investors got few hints regarding central banks' monetary stance in coming months. Gold continued to fluctuate around 1600. In the near-term, we do not see much breakthrough without fresh news of further easing from the Fed and the ECB. Fundamentals are indeed putting downward pressures on the yellow metal as demand slipped amid worries over global economic slowdown and sovereign debt problems in the Eurozone. Platinum continued to conso...

  • Which Way Will the Pendulum Swing for Gold?

    August 13 2012 5:57 PM EDT

    One of the most fascinating aspects when watching a sporting event like the Olympics is the historical statistics highlighting the tremendous advances in athleticism over the years. In the spirit of the events this summer, BTN Research compared gold's advancement from the beginning of the games in Beijing to the London Olympics.