Market Commentary

  • A Return to the Gold Standard, or Gold Behind Currencies – Part 2/5

    April 13 2012 9:37 AM EDT

    This is the second part of a three part series on how gold will return to the monetary system globally but not in the form of the defunct Gold Standard.

  • India Dodging Silver Bullet?

    April 11 2012 11:00 AM EDT

    The midweek trading session in precious metals opened to the downside in New York this morning despite a 0.31% drop in the US dollar on the trade-weighted index and a 0.30% gain in crude oil values. Then again, yesterday, we witnessed the price of gold rising nearly $20 along with gains in the US dollar.

  • Managing Expectations: Why Gold Should Thrive

    April 10 2012 2:21 PM EDT

    It was a challenging week for gold investors. Although the yellow metal has been on a spectacular 11-year bull run, recent strength in the economy has some thinking gold's heyday is over.

  • Gold Stocks Ready to Rise?

    April 10 2012 1:12 PM EDT

    Some are calling the bottom for gold mining stocks. One popular measure for the gold miners is the NYSE Arca Gold BUGS Index, trading on AMEX under the symbol HUI.

  • A Return to the Gold Standard, or Gold Behind Currencies – Part 1/5

    April 10 2012 11:53 AM EDT

    This is the first part of a five part series on how gold will return to the monetary system globally but not in the form of the defunct Gold Standard.

  • Precious Metals Market Comments

    April 09 2012 3:52 PM EDT

    Gold Settled $13.80 Higher ... ($1643.90). Today's June Gold Futures traded a quiet $13.20 range on fairly light volume. Friday's Unemployment number for the March reading of non-farm payrolls is +120,000 and the net change for the private sector was +121,000. Total payrolls were expected to be 205,000 and the estimate for the private sector was 215,000. Both numbers were worse than expected.


    April 09 2012 11:55 AM EDT

    After peaking at $1,780 in late February, gold dropped over $100 in March, finishing the month at $1,662.50. Whenever there is a big move up or down, we all naturally seek confirmation and reassurance of our investment strategy, which is why investors must use objective measures to evaluate and re-evaluate their positions.

  • Inside Jobs

    April 09 2012 11:41 AM EDT

    Friday's US jobs data managed to yield a lift in precious metals values this morning but the advance was itself significantly below expectations and it most certainly did not come at the expense of a notable cratering in the US dollar. Forums and news comments were chock-full of predictions over the weekend about a $6--$80 rise in the price of gold as being in the cards for today, along with a capitulation statement by the Fed that it would buckle to such economic pressures and finally launch...

  • Gold Stocks: Timing Your Next Purchase

    April 09 2012 8:57 AM EDT

    Gold prices continue to trade in the $1800.00/oz and $1550.00/oz range exhibiting scant regard for the current state of world.

  • Failed Bottom in Gold Stocks Initiates Start of Capitulation

    April 09 2012 8:55 AM EDT

    It was only a week ago we felt the gold stocks had a great chance of putting in a bottom. Monday supported our thesis but after Tuesday’s action and Bernanke’s jawboning it was apparent that the gold shares were in for a very difficult period.

  • Gold’s Breakout or Gold Stock’s Breakdown?

    April 05 2012 11:43 AM EDT

    Gold seems mercurial lately sliding up and down causing some gold investors to grey prematurely. Technical analysis is not an exact science nor does it act as a crystal ball, but there is comfort and even beauty to be found in patterns that asset themselves every once in a while.

  • Building a Bullish Case for Silver’s Long Term Prospects

    April 05 2012 10:39 AM EDT

    After the big move in 2011 was summarily ‘dealt with’, which sent the precious metal’s price down from a peak of $46.82 on April 24th down to a low of $26.05 by September 25th, many silver bulls have found themselves reviewing their perhaps picture of the metal’s future prospects.

  • The Forest for the Trees

    April 04 2012 1:28 PM EDT

    Remember the days when you could throw a dart at the board and select a dot-com stock that would post double-digit gains year after year no matter what the real valuation of the company looked like? On March 10th, 2000 the NASDAQ peaked at 5133 on the back of the tech boom that had been driving stock prices higher for more than five years.

  • Gold Price Outlook with Interactive Chart

    March 31 2012 8:27 AM EDT

    Higher prices are expected in the Gold market next week, according to a survey of participants according to a weekly News Gold Survey. The majority of the participants see prices. Market participants include Bullion dealers, investment banks, futures traders, money managers and technical-chart analysts.

  • Gold and Silver Report - See PM Fundamentals As Seen By CPM - Part II

    March 30 2012 6:46 PM EDT

    The final precious metals trading session of this week started off on a mildly positive note as commodities overall firmed up and as the US dollar slipped to under the 79 pivot point on the trade-weighted index. Month and quarter-end book-squaring were seen as dominating the action for the remainder of the day but yesterday once again presented a headache for gold bulls who had become somewhat emboldened by certain words of Mr. Bernanke's earlier in the week.

  • Fed’s Bernanke Disparages the Pseudo-Gold-Standard

    March 29 2012 2:03 PM EDT

    Just about all of the world’s national currencies in circulation today consist of paper or fiat currencies that have been assigned value by official decree or fiat, rather than due to any real intrinsic value they may possess, other than perhaps the ability to generate a significant amount of heat when burned.

  • Is the US Dollar Headed for a Major Fall?

    March 27 2012 9:31 AM EDT

    One of the facts of life over the last 40 years has been that the U.S. dollar is the world’s sole global reserve currency. This is despite the fundamental factors underlying the U.S. balance of payments, which has been awful over that entire time.

  • Gold and China: Where the Bulls and Bears Square Off

    March 26 2012 8:49 PM EDT

    To paraphrase the great Steve Martin, today's investors are very passionate people and passionate people tend to overreact at times. An overreaction is exactly what's happened in gold and global markets in recent weeks. While market bulls have been sniffing out data points to support their case, market bears have continued to take a glass-half-empty approach.

  • Gold and Silver Report - Word Power

    March 26 2012 6:31 PM EDT

    Last week's wide price swings continued to befuddle and frustrate speculators in the commodities' space and for a fourth consecutive week the results revealed that hedge fund players placed their bets incorrectly in these markets. The China 'factor' remained the principal drag on prices and that country's prospects for a less-than-soft economic landing appears to have petrified market speculators -in the words of one US money manager.

  • Silver & Gold, “Situation Normal…”

    March 26 2012 5:23 PM EDT

    By my Feb. 27, 2012 commentary, Silver to Gold, “Whither Thou Goest…”, silver price was steadily marching higher with gold and the closely watched gold-to-silver ratio (GSR) was very stable and near historical norms.