• Gold Ingots
    Lear Capital: Is There Any Among You That Can Challenge the Claim – GOLD WILL DOUBLE AGAIN!

    May 09 2013 8:57 AM EDT

    I overheard a conversation in the gym last night wherein the comment was made, “The Dow is up from a low of 6500 because of administration policies.” The comment was made in reference to the Dow breaking 15,000, in the context of a recovering economy and in support of the administration. I refrained from making any comment of my own and to instead vent here where readers have the same right to discard my opinion and stop reading just as I stopped listening.

  • Gold Ingots
    Gold Stabilizing now $1,467.60/oz

    May 08 2013 3:37 PM EDT

    Despite falling yesterday, gold once again soared, gaining $18.80 to $1,467.60 according to the New York Mercantile Exchange. The price of gold generally increases when the U..S. dollar decreases and this happened this morning as the U.S. dollar fell in value compared to other currencies such as the euro and pounds.

  • India Aims to Restrict Gold Imports As China Breaks New Records

    May 08 2013 9:14 AM EDT

    Gold rose $17.90 or 1.22% yesterday to $1,452.00/oz and silver finished down 0.29%.

  • Foreign Financial Reporting of U.S. Citizens Coming. Will it Include Gold?

    May 07 2013 8:22 AM EDT

    Since the start of the credit crunch in mid-2007 we have seen a steady move forward by government to place greater control over the financial aspects of people’s lives. One of the biggest milestones from an investor’s point of view has been the establishment of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). This is consistent with the intentions expressed by President Obama that U.S. Citizen’s financial successes at home and abroad should be subject to U.S Taxation so that the U.S., as a nation, can benefit. The Patriot Act was the first to employ this approach but now we are moving several steps forward from these measures.

  • Lear Capital: Wall Street Gold Speculators Caught with Shorts Down

    May 03 2013 9:00 AM EDT

    On April 10, Goldman Sachs came out with a recommendation to short gold. On April 23, Goldman closed the recommendation. What kind of financial advice is good for just 9 business days? Truth be told, the recommendation contributed to a rapid decline in the gold price. A decline promptly met by record demand for physical gold. OOOPS!

    Goldman Sachs Vs. Chinese 'Grannies'

    May 02 2013 3:24 PM EDT

    China's "granny effect" trumps the investment advice of Goldman Sachs.

  • Peter Schiff

    May 02 2013 10:10 AM EDT

    The most puzzling part of the investment business is seeing how the vast and largely economically illiterate masses interpret any given piece of news. Take the recent gold selloff: many large players were motivated to sell by news that Cyprus will have to liquidate its gold stockpiles to pay off acute debt obligations. But just a moment's reflection shows this reaction to be knee-jerk.

  • HANDOUT PICTURE - of famed 1933 Double Eagle $20 gold coin to be auctioned on behalf of the U.S go..
    China Gold Mania - Coins, Bars and Jewelry Sales Surge 108%

    May 02 2013 8:47 AM EDT

    Gold fell $17.30 or 1.17% yesterday to $1,458.70/oz and silver slid to $23.24 and finished down 2.60%. Gold remains under pressure despite very robust demand and anaemic supply globally. This suggests that speculators in the futures market continue to hold the upper hand. While this may continue in the short term and lead to further short term weakness in the price, the long term supply demand fundamentals will almost certainly lead to higher prices. We continue to believe gold will surpass its real inflation adjusted high of $2,400/oz in the coming years.

  • Sudan's Darfur Region
    Gold Mine Collapse Kills More Than 60 In Sudan's Darfur Region

    May 02 2013 8:14 AM EDT

    Rescuers are reportedly using traditional tools to try to reach victims, but they're unsure whether there are more people trapped.

  • Gold Bullion
    “They Don’t Want Certificates, They Want the Real Product” - CME President on Gold

    May 01 2013 10:11 AM EDT

    Today’s AM fix was USD 1,469.50, EUR 1,113.60 and GBP 942.95 per ounce. Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,472.75, EUR 1,126.13 and GBP 950.04 per ounce. Gold climbed $5.60 or 0.38% yesterday to $1,476.00/oz and silver finished down 0.27%.

  • Chinese Gold
    Gold Price Stagnant- $1,466.10/oz

    May 01 2013 10:03 AM EDT

    The price of gold was stagnant this morning, dropping $6 to $1,466.10 an ounce. Many analysts believe this is solely due to a two-day policy-making committee that is set to end this afternoon. Once data on the meeting has been released, analysts will be able to tell if and how it affects gold.

  • Gold Stocks to Rebound in May

    May 01 2013 9:08 AM EDT

    Sell in May and don’t go away. Sell and buy gold stocks. We all know gold stocks have been a disaster for weeks and months. The HUI gold bugs index kept falling below support levels until finding support near 260 which we consider to be very strong support and probably the major low. In the nine trading days since the bottom the gold stocks have recovered only slightly and gradually. However, after Tuesday’s reversal, we see plenty of evidence that augurs for a strong recovery in May.

  • Obama 30April2013
    Obama: We Cannot Prove Which Side Used Chemical Weapons In Syria

    April 30 2013 11:30 AM EDT

    Obama said Tuesday chemical weapons use in Syria will change how the United States and its allies respond.

  • Perth Mint Demand Highest Since Lehman Brothers - Refines Coins, Bars At Weekend

    April 30 2013 9:09 AM EDT

    Gold is slightly lower today after yesterday's consolidation on last week's gains. Premiums continue to rise on physical product across the world to reflect a significant increase in demand and very tight supplies.

  • To Buy Gold or Not?

    April 30 2013 9:01 AM EDT

    Should you buy gold or not? That’s the question and everyone seems to have an answer. Unfortunately they’re never the same. Some analysts fear the low prices of Gold that we’ve seen in the past month will surely signal another recession. Others say that it was just a fluke and justify it by the fact that the price of gold is improving. Slowly yes, but still improving.

  • Lear Capital: Did Attempt to Harvest Gold Fail?

    April 29 2013 8:46 AM EDT

    Earlier this year, the financial world was shocked when Germany asked for the return of its gold. The request came within 3 months of the Feds refusal to submit to an audit of its gold reserves by Germany’s Bundesbank. The request itself was unusual in that Germany only asked for 50% of its gold to be returned by year 2020.

  • Gold Steadily Rising,Trading $1,465/Oz

    April 29 2013 8:37 AM EDT

    Comex gold futures are still steadily rising as they were up again today to $1,465.40 an ounce. This is coming off the heels of a two-year low in which gold reached less than $1,400 an ounce sparking debate on whether or not the gold market is as strong as originally thought.

  • Trends in Asset Classes set to Shift

    April 26 2013 3:11 PM EDT

    The latest warning sign on US equities came from the recent issue of Barron’s. A recent survey of big money managers showed extreme bullish sentiment. 86% polled were bullish on stocks over the next six to 12 months while only 7% were pessimistic. Meanwhile only 11% were bullish on bonds. The cover of Barron’s emphasized the view of the participants with its title “Dow 16,000” and picture of a bull, leaping away from a bear. In regards to Gold and commodities, 50% were bullish on commodities with 35% bullish on Gold.

  • Mints, Refineries, Brokerages Out Of Stock - COMEX Gold Inventories Plummet

    April 26 2013 9:50 AM EDT

    The manipulated sell off on the COMEX has led to bargain hunting and a surge in physical coin and bar buying internationally. Gold bullion inventories on the COMEX are being depleted rapidly (see chart and data below) and certain bullion products are either out of stock or production and distribution has been suspended.

  • Gold Steadily Rising,Trading $1,465/Oz

    April 26 2013 9:41 AM EDT

    Comex gold futures are still steadily rising as they were up again today to $1,465.40 an ounce. This is coming off the heels of a two-year low in which gold reached less than $1,400 an ounce sparking debate on whether or not the gold market is as strong as originally thought.