Dear reader, during the European session and before the awaited U.S. jobs report, currencies witnessed tight trading within narrow levels in light of the pressures affecting the U.S. dollar, in spite of the positive expectations regarding the jobs report, but concerns are rising after the downbeat data of the U.S. labor sector in the past period, noting that ADP report showed that only 38 thousands jobs were added in May. The jobless claims in the past few weeks were also abysmal pressuring analysts to continue to cut their expectations for the nonfarm payrolls today reaching 165 thousand jobs.

Today, USDIX stabilized to trade now around the open price at 74.31; the index recorded the high of 74.41 and the low of 74.20.

For gold, we have currently witnessed a drop on a daily basis in light of the successful bond sale by Spain, which spread hope and optimism regarding the European debt crisis, gold opened today's trading at 1533.35 per ounce and is currently trading around 1528.30. Crude oil opened today at $100.86 and then slumped to trade around $99.71 per barrel.

The Euro slightly inclined against the U.S. dollar from opening levels of 1.4490; the pair recorded a high of 1.4517 and a low of 1.4458, where it is currently trading around 1.4493; technically speaking the pair is trading between the support of 1.4455 and the resistance of 1.4500.

The GBP/USD pair declined today, where it opened the trading at 1.6368 and was pressured by the sharp drop in Services activity in May. The pair achieved the high of 1.6379 and the low of 1.6285 and currently trading around 1.6311. The pair is trading between the support at 1.6260 and the resistance at 1.6370.

Finally the USD/JPY pair, it declined today after opening at 80.86, the pair recorded the high of 81.00 and the low of 80.50, and trading now around 80.60. The pair is trading between the support at 80.05 and the resistance at 81.15.