FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - One year after the collapse of Lehman Brothers markets rose in the U.S. The Dow Jones ended with a gain of 0.22% and the Nasdaq rose 0.50%. Barack Obama spoke at Wall Street and asked for common sense rules on financial markets. Unfortunately, there are some in the financial industry who are misreading this moment. Instead of learning the lessons of Lehman and the crisis from which we are still recovering, they are choosing to ignore them, the President said.

Fresh 2009 lows for the Dollar

EUR/USD rose posting a fresh 9-month high at 1.4652. Afterward Greenback recovered but the Euro was able to hold above 1.4600. The pair rose for the sixth consecutive day.

Pound fell across the board. GBP/USD failed to hold above 1.6600 and pulled back to the 1.6550 zone. The pair fell after three days with gains. Cable also lost ground against the Swiss Franc and the Euro.

USD/JPY rose for the first time after four sessions. USD/JPY failed to confirm above 91.00 and went back below finding support at 90.60. In the last hours the pair moved in a range with support at 90.85 and resistance at 91.00.