FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Wall Street posted important gains on Monday. The Dow Jones ended at 10,092 with an increase of 0.96% and the Nasdaq rose 0.91%. Crude oil soared and rose 1.38% to finish at the highest level for the year above $79 a barrel. Dollar is testing the lows of the day across the board.

EUR/USD is testing level above 1.4960 after finding support at 1.4935. GBP/USD is rising from 1.6365 and is heading toward 1.6400. USD/JPY fell below 90.60 and currently trades at 90.52/56, 0.44% below today's opening price.

NZD/USD is extending it gains and rose to 0.7570, posting the highest price since July 23 of 2008. AUD/USD recently broke above previous highs and is approaching to the 0.9300 zone. The pair is trading at the highest level in 15-months.