Wedding bells are ringing, but “Married at First Sight” couples always have more nerves than the average couple. In Season 4, episode 2, all of the brides and grooms were anxious to get down the aisle, but the cold feet didn’t necessarily warm up as soon as they saw their new significant other. One bride had second thoughts while she was saying “I do.”

Lillian and Tom

As Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson’s outdoor wedding begins, rain starts pouring. It’s another bad omen, but Lillian isn’t going to let that stop her. She goes down the aisle with an umbrella because she wants to meet her new husband.

Lillian and Tom hug, and they’re both so happy to meet each other. As they say “I do,” the sun starts shining. They read vows to each other, exchange rings and share their first kiss at the altar. They seem thrilled to be married.

The two share a moment alone after the ceremony where Tom asks if she liked the necklace he sent her. Lillian explains that pearls are a bad omen on a wedding day in Nicaraguan culture, so she couldn’t wear it. But she says she loved it. Tom is fine with that. 

The two weren’t at all awkward during their wedding photos. They’re both immediately comfortable with each other.

At the reception, Lillian asks about Tom’s father. Tom reveals that his dad left when he was a child. Lillian reveals her own dad has disconnected from her family as well. They both agree that they don’t feel like strangers and have bonded already.

That’s good because Tom is already witnessing family drama. One of Sonia’s sisters was not asked to be a bridesmaid and is upset about it. She confronts the bride at the reception, and Lillian says it was a timing issue. Lillian has a tearful conversation where she apologizes to her sister and says she always wants to be in each other’s lives. Tom thinks she handled it with grace.

Derek and Heather

Heather Seidel and Derek Schwartz are nervous before they walk down the aisle, but they calm down as soon as they meet. They’re both attracted to each other. Though Heather wasn’t planning to kiss her husband right away, they do share a lip lock at the altar.

After the ceremony, they talk and seem to get along. When taking photos, Heather is a little uncomfortable with how many kissing poses they’re doing. This is a person she met just a couple hours ago. “There’s like so much kissing going on. Sorry, no offense. I’m not trying to be rude,” Heather says. Derek continues kissing her shoulder instead and Heather rolls her eyes.

Heather explains later that it wasn’t about him. She just felt forced and it made her annoyed. Derek was relieved to know that it didn’t mean she wasn’t attracted to him.

Nick and Sonia

Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados seem to be happy to meet each other at the altar. However, when it’s Sonia’s turn to say “I do,” she has trouble getting the words out. She’s filled with anxiety and nerves. After the officiant calls her to answer again, she says, “I do.”

The two read their vows to each other, but they don’t share a typical kiss at the altar. Nick kisses Sonia on the cheek, which impresses his new wife.

When the two are alone after the ceremony, it’s clear that they’re both shy. There are plenty of awkward silences. Sonia reveals that she’s a little afraid of dogs after Nick mentions that she’ll love his two pups. Sonia reveals to the cameras that she isn’t sure he finds her attractive because he didn’t say anything.

The two take pictures and the photographer convinces them to kiss for a photo. Still, they’re feeling a little awkward around each other.

Sonia talks to his mother at the reception and admits that she is a little disappointed Nick hasn’t said she looks pretty. His mother says she’ll talk to him about that. When his mom asks him, he says that Sonia is pretty. His mother asks him if he has actually told her that, and Nick lies and says he has. His mother calls him out and advises him to compliment his wife. Nick feels awkward about it, though. “Usually it takes me a little bit of time to open up,” he explains to the cameras.

Later, Sonia’s mother asks what he thinks of Sonia. Nick admits that his wife is very beautiful. They are starting to feel more comfortable around each other. “I might have found love at first sight,” Nick admits to the cameras.

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