“Married At First Sight: The First Year” Season 1, episode 6, proved that the holidays are a stressful time for everyone, even couples in blind, arranged marriages. Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner dealt with Jamie’s mom once again disappearing while Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion still stressed over Jason’s work schedule. Christmas celebrations proved that one couple is getting stronger -- but another might be falling apart.

Jamie and Doug

Doug and Jamie were getting ready for Christmas by buying a tree. Doug knew that his wife didn’t have the best childhood memories of the holidays, and Doug wanted to change that. “I definitely want to give Jamie the best Christmas,” Doug said.

Jamie and Doug had to spread Christmas between two families. While the Hehners had a solid guest list, Jamie admitted that she and her siblings couldn’t count on their mother coming to Christmas.

“I will give Jamie’s mom as many chances as Jamie will,” Doug said. “It’s not my place to ever say don’t invite somebody.”

Unsurprisingly, Jamie’s mother didn’t show up to Christmas. “If she loved us and missed us, she would call us she would come to these events,” Jamie said.

Jamie finally got her mother on the phone, but she just made excuses. She claimed she couldn’t get out of work, but Jamie wanted to know why she couldn’t even respond to their phone calls all week. Jamie and her siblings were sick of the excuses and knew they could only rely on each other.

Last week, Jamie’s mom couldn’t attend Thanksgiving and Doug didn’t know how he could make the holiday better for her. He knew that he couldn’t help Jamie's relationship with her mother. However, he could make Christmas better for his wife. Doug knew Jamie didn’t get many Christmas presents growing up, and he wanted to change that in a huge way. He bought Jamie a car. She was speechless, and they both got a little teary-eyed.

“Jamie always thinks about others first, and Jamie never asks for anything in return,” Doug said. “I was just so happy to be able to do this for Jamie.”


Monet Bell was enjoying the single life. She was still seeing Daymon, but she knew it would never be anything serious. There was another man she was interested in, but he lived in another state. However, he was coming to New York for New Year’s, and they’d finally see each other again. It looks like Monet will have some interesting holiday stories to tell next week.

Cortney and Jason

Last week's cliffhanger ended with Cortney realizing everything was missing from her apartment. Jason revealed that their stuff was missing because they moved across the hall. While Cortney was visiting family, an apartment across the hall opened up that was bigger than theirs. Jason moved all of their belongings into the new place while Cortney was gone, and she was thrilled.

“This apartment is a little stressful,” Jason admitted. “I really don’t know how we’re going to make this work on one income, but I would do anything for this marriage.”

They felt like the new apartment was a fresh start, but that didn’t make their problems go away. Jason had to work on Christmas Day, and Cortney was a little upset about it. She wanted to make the celebration special since it was Jason’s first Christmas after his mother died. However, Monet reminded her that it wasn’t realistic to expect a new firefighter to be home on the holidays.

Even if they couldn’t spend Dec. 25 together, Cortney wanted to start a tradition. She wanted them to go ice skating every year and took Jason on the ice for the first time. After realizing how scared Jason was, it became clear that skating wouldn’t be their tradition.

Despite with her tradition plans getting killed, Cortney worked on her husband’s Christmas present. She was doing a sexy boudoir photo shoot for him. “You leave a lot to the imagination and it’s a very classy photo,” Cortney explained.

The couple celebrated the holiday on a different day in matching pajamas. Jason was very happy with the gift. Cortney was thrilled that he not only loved the gift, but he made it clear that he was very attracted to her.

“Our first Christmas gave us another boost of confidence in our relationship that we’re going to be OK,” Cortney said.

Still, Jason missed his mother on the holiday. He talked a little bit to Cortney about how he didn’t talk to any of his extended family, but Cortney didn’t feel like he was explaining enough. He was still keeping things private, and his wife felt like their pasts shouldn’t be hidden.

“I don’t get it. Like, how deep do you really want me to go?” Jason asked.

“I want and I need to know everything, just like I want and I need you to know everything about me. The stuff that makes me cry, the stuff that embarrasses me, the stuff that I wish I hadn’t done or hadn’t gotten myself into, but I did,” Cortney said. “Because that’s what makes you who you are and you’re going to have to open up, and it’s not going to be fun. It’s going to be hard to do.”

Jason said he didn’t have time to deal with the past when there was too much he had to work on in the future. Between his job and his marriage, Jason was spread too thin. “I don’t have time for me,” he said. “I don’t have time for us because we’re too busy trying to make, ‘Oh, let’s make memories.’ I can’t even deal with stuff from the past because I’m so worried about dealing with s--- from the future.”

Cortney said she didn’t know how to deal either and walked away in tears.

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