FYI’s “Married At First Sight” is premiering on July 8 at 9 p.m. EDT. The show follows participants who are ready to get married. Typical dating routines have not worked out for them, so they turn to arranged marriage.

The network considers the reality show to be a social experiment based on a Danish show with the same premise. A panel of experts, which includes a sociologist, sexologist, spiritualist and psychologist, work together to match couples based on their wants and needs. The catch is that they don’t get to meet their scientifically determined soulmate until they are at the altar. They don’t even know what their future spouse will look like until they exchange vows.

It’s a scientific match, but that doesn’t always mean the couples will fall in love. Each couple has four weeks after their weddings to decide if they are a perfect match and should stay married or go their separate ways.

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