FYI's “Married At First Sight” episode 7 was all about friends and family. The experts said that all the couples has to get their friends involved in their lives because they need a support system. Especially under the circumstances of blind arranged marriage, the couples really needed people in their lives that they could lean on. Some couples easily introduced friends and family, but other couples were reluctant to fully integrate their partners into their social circles. Find out which couple had yet to meet each other’s families:

Jamie and Doug

The couple invited Doug’s parents over to allow them to get to know Jamie a little more. Doug’s mother was still very skeptical of Jamie. During dinner, Jamie tried to explain that her reaction at the wedding had nothing to do with Doug’s family, but mostly just the idea of getting married scared her. Doug’s mother interrupted to ask Jamie why she entered this experiment. Jamie explained that she doesn’t have parents to guide her, and she thought that it would be silly to turn away experts who offered her the perfect match. Doug’s mother let Jamie know that she was just scared of her son getting hurt and she was starting to accept her son’s new wife. Jamie was thrilled that his mother was finally coming around.

“I told the experts that the most important thing was the family and they definitely didn’t fail,” Jamie said.

Jamie brought Doug to visit her sisters. Before going, she warned him that her mother was often in and out of her life. Jamie doesn’t know who her dad is. She took 4 paternity tests as a kid and they were all negative. She cried when she told Doug that she was scared her children wouldn’t have grandparents because of her strained relationship with her mother and her unknown father.

Doug easily integrated himself into Jamie’s family. He quickly became Uncle Doug, and Jamie’s sisters aren’t at all skeptical of Doug. They’re thrilled that Jamie has such a good husband. Jamie then took Doug back to the first trailer park she lived in.

“I’ve never been in a trailer park before…It’s the total opposite of what I grew up in,” Doug said.

Jamie opened up to Doug a lot this week. She cried while visiting the last trailer park she lived in. She told him stories about neighbors calling the cops during her mother and stepfather’s fights. Doug told her that he wouldn’t judge someone based on her past, but Jamie said she still found it hard to be so vulnerable.

Cortney and Jason

Cortney’s burlesque group was having a show for the first time since she married Jason, and her husband came out to watch the performance. Jason actually felt proud after he watched her on stage.

The happy couple was sent a large canvas portrait with one of their wedding photos printed on it. Jason offered to hang it above their bed, and Courtney saw it as a good sign that her husband wanted to look at their wedding photo every single day.

When Dr. Pepper, the sociologist, visited, she was pleased that their lives were so integrated, but she didn’t understand why their families haven’t met.

Cortney still hadn’t met Jason’s mother because she was sick, and Cortney realized that she didn’t even know his mother’s name. “It’s one of those things where it’s a whole lot to take in,” Jason said. He wanted to be able to have a dinner and a formal meeting when his mom feels a bit better.

Jason still hadn’t met Cortney’s family because they hadn’t been ready to meet her new husband yet. Cortney’s family insisted that they had to meet in person, but her family was down in North Carolina while they were living in Brooklyn.

Dr. Pepper told them to “integrate the way they live, their hobbies, because right now they can’t do it with their family.”

Cortney went to Jason’s wrestling match where she wore a shirt and painted a sign to root for him. She looked completely terrified as she watched him get slammed to the floor. However, she won’t stand in the way of his favorite hobby. She said, “I will support him because I want him to know how much I value what he does and the person that he is so he can start trusting me enough to let me in.”

Their social lives looked great, but Cortney was worried that they still hadn't met each other's families. Jason was still keeping his mother from Cortney, and Cortney was worried that he would never allow her into that part of her life. Cortney told a friend that Jason thinks his mom will be well enough to meet Cortney eventually, but she knows that his mother likely won’t recover from Stage IV lung cancer. Cortney became concerned that she’ll never get to meet her mother-in-law.

Vaughn and Monet

Vaughn and Monet were still fighting this week. Vaughn was annoyed that Monet’s friends were coming over after he had been working in Baltimore for a few days. Monet didn’t think he had a right to be mad when he had the option to come home earlier but decided not to. Vaughn stormed out and Monet maintained her plans with friends. They came over and Monet vented about her relationship problems. She made it clear that she wanted to make the relationship work, but she's not sure if that will happen.

Vaughn returned the next day, and the couple seemed to have made up. They received a framed wedding picture (just a normal 8-by-10 framed, unlike Jason and Cortney’s canvas print) and they hung it up in their apartment.

“She really doesn’t need a man,” Vaughn said, “I definitely get that vibe like she could have hung that picture up without me. But as far as us hanging the picture up together, I feel like we worked together as a team and it feels great.”

Vaughn acknowledged that their good moments like this one feel really great but their fights are so awful. He couldn't understand how they’re so hot and cold, so he was happy that Dr. Pepper came for a visit

Dr. Pepper talked to them about “how they can use their social ties to pull them closer together.” They really haven’t gotten their friends and family involved in their relationship, and Dr. Pepper thinks that will help their relationship.

Monet brought Vaughn to brunch with her friends and cousin. Vaughn wasn't exactly thrilled, but he made the best of it.

Dr. Pepper also hired a chef to teach them how to cook. However, it sounded like Vaughn thought the lesson was just for Monet. The chef was from Appetite Seduction For Seduction, a company that teaches couple’s cooking classes. The chef allowed them to get playful and use blindfolds. The chef asked for their food fantasies and Vaughn said he wanted to lick honey off Monet’s body. After the chef left and they had their meal, the two discussed more sexual questions about their favorite places to be kissed (Monet’s is below the belt). For once, Vaughn and Monet was the "Married at First Sight" couple ending the episode on a happy note.

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