The couples made major changes in “Married at First Sight” Season 3, episode 11. They’ve been married for a month now, and it’s clear that the newlyweds still have a long way to go before decision day. While two of the couples worked on their trust and communications issues, one husband and wife seemed to take steps backwards after a cheating accusation came out.

David and Ashley

The episode picks up right where the last one left off with Ashley Doherty confronting David Norton. She asks if he asked another girl out for drinks. “That’s not true,” David says. “Not in a romantic sense at all.”

Ashley has the message that he sent, and she doesn’t think it sounds platonic. David tells the cameras that he was reaching out to a mutual friend. He thought he might be able to learn something from someone who has known Ashley longer.

David says he is sorry that she interpreted the message that way, but he didn’t mean anything romantic. Ashley just thinks he’s sorry because he got caught. David doesn’t even understand why Ashley would think he’d cheat. However, his wife has a hard time believing him. She thinks that he could’ve told her that he wanted to have drinks to get to know this woman. David tells her that she’s overreacting, but Ashley walks away from him.

“At this point, I feel like trust is gone,” Ashley tells the camera. David doesn’t know how to convince her that he is telling the truth

“I feel like this is an opportunity for her to justify walking away and quitting with a clear conscience,” David says.

David and Ashley don’t talk all night. He gives her a note to clarify his feelings later, and Ashley isn’t very responsive. She doesn’t understand why he didn’t ask her anything he wanted to know about her. David says that she hasn’t been letting him get to know her, and that’s why he wanted another person’s perspective.

Ashley walks away from him again. “We’ve already talked about it in circles,” she says. “You’re a liar, and I have nothing else to say to you.” Ashley doesn’t think he can admit when he’s wrong.

To give Ashley some space, David is going up to Buffalo to spend some time with his family. Before he leaves, Ashley says that she talked to their “mutual friend” and discovered that the woman didn’t even know who David was until he added her on Facebook. David says that’s not true, but he has to leave. He hopes a few days apart will give Ashley some clarity.

Ashley thinks the letter David left behind seems fake. She talks to one of her friends about the situation. Her friend is worried about Ashley’s relationship. “There is a lot of work to be done in the next week and a half to see if any of that can be salvaged,” Ashley says.

Meanwhile, David visits his father’s grave in Buffalo. “I’m sure you know, but my marriage is gone to s--- and I sure wish you were here to help,” he says. David says that the pain he feels right now reassures him that their relationship is real. He knows that he needs to swallow his pride and admit that he was wrong. He heads home determined to fight for his marriage.

Back in Atlanta, Ashley tells the cameras that she is willing to give David the chance to make things right.

MAFS Recap Tres and Vanessa Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson tried to keep the romance alive in “Married at First Sight” Season 3, episode 11. Photo: FYI

Tres and Vanessa

Dr. Logan Levkoff, the “Married at First Sight” sexologist, visits the couple after their spat last week. Vanessa Nelson knows that walking out on Tres Russell during their fight wasn’t the right decision. The sexologist advises them not to let their trust issues get in the way. They must communicate.

Dr. Logan has the couple plan romantic surprises for each other. It’s something that’ll add a little excitement to their life and make the other feel appreciated.

Tres takes Vanessa to a basketball court to spend some time together. He teaches her how to shoot the ball and talks about his experiences playing in high school. Tres plans more romantic surprises when Vanessa starts feeling sick. He buys her flowers and sushi.

On their one-month anniversary, Vanessa surprises Tres with a gift basket. A few days later, it’s his turn to give gifts. He sets up a dessert plate and candles, and Vanessa thinks it’s very sweet. The couple seem to have put their fight behind them, and Tres is proving that Vanessa’s fears about his lack of commitment are wrong.

MAFS recap Sam and Neil Sam Role and Neil Bowlus seemed closer than ever in “Married at First Sight” Season 3, episode 11. Photo: FYI

Neil and Sam

Neil Bowlus is finally living with Sam Role again. She tells Neil that she has been missing him. “The changes that Sam has made have been phenomenal,” Neil admits.

Dr. Logan visits and asks them about the move back to Sam’s house with her roommate. Neil says that it doesn’t feel like “their” space, and Sam agrees. They want to get a new place soon, which is good since Dr. Logan is concerned about the living situation.

She asks the about physical intimacy. They still only hug, but both say that they feel closer. They’re also feeling much more comfortable around each other. Sam still doesn’t want to set any expectations, but she reveals to the cameras that they could be getting a little more romantic soon.

They look at houses online and find one that they like. Sam packs up her stuff and tells her roommate Sammy that she thinks they’ll survive past the end of the experiment. She thinks that after the cameras are gone, their relationship might even improve. “I also want to see what it’s like ‘normal,’ and I think it might actually be better,” Sam says.

They move into their new house, and it seems to make both of them feel relieved. They go paint pottery for their new place together. They seem to have a lot of fun and share some laughs.

The couple will have to spend some time apart soon, though. Neil is preparing to leave to for a cousin’s wedding over the weekend. Sam couldn’t get a day off of work to go, so Neil is on his own. Sam wants him to enjoy the trip and doesn't seem worried about the time they'll spend apart. 

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