“Married At First Sight” Season 4 is over, but Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast are still married. Though the couple survived the first several months of marriage after filming the FYI reality show, Sonia was very honest about the struggles she and Nick are still working to overcome. She noted that they aren’t exactly in love yet.

Sonia opened up about life post-filming with The Knot, and she revealed that she and Nick are putting a lot of work into their relationship. It isn’t perfect, though. “I love Nick very much, but I’m not in love with him… just yet,” she said.

That might not be too surprising for the couple’s fans. After all, the two took their relationship very slow and have focused on their friendship more than anything. After an explosive fight mid-season, the two had to build their trust back. Luckily, they patched up their relationship and decided to stay married after filming wrapped. They still have issues that are not easy to solve, though. 

In the “MAFS” reunion special, Sonia mentioned that they speak different “love languages.” They show their feelings differently, and that has been a challenge. She elaborated in the interview that Nick is not as physically affectionate as she would like him to be. The new wife isn’t so sure she is doing everything that Nick loves either.

“To be honest, I’m still very unaware if I’m showing Nick love the way he appreciates it, but I feel like I’ve tried in thinking of him when I do certain things,” the social worker admitted. “I’m trying to be a good wife, but I’m blocked in certain moments and times.”

As “Married at First Sight” fans know, the newlyweds have to put in a lot of work, and it sounds like that is what the couple is trying to do. The wife and husband have been spending plenty of time together since Sonia moved back in. After the cameras left, Sonia realized their relationship became a little more relaxed.

“The biggest change is that I feel we can totally be ourselves in terms of talking about gross things, joking, and talking on a deeper level than what we had been in the first six weeks with cameras around,” Sonia said. “I’ve also noticed that Nick can be very thoughtful at times. My mom was in town recently, and he [bought] her sweets and things, because he knows she likes it. He definitely shows he cares through gift-giving.”

Another Season 4 star, Lillian Vilchez, had a similar experience when the cameras turned off. After her shoulder surgery, she wasn’t sure husband Tom Wilson would be there for her. However, she revealed to Jamie Otis’ blog that he was so much more supportive and sweet than she expected. “He stepped up to the plate and was the best team player on earth!” she said. “Then and there I knew I could fall madly in love with this man.”

Though “Married at First Sight” Season 4 is finished, fans can watch a whole new set of couples go through similar challenges next year. Season 5 is currently filming in Chicago and will premiere on FYI in 2017.