Martin Luther King III has announced his resignation from his post as President of The King Center, with immediate effect, in a statement published on the Atlanta Business Chronicle Web site, on Tuesday.

The King Center, founded in 1968, is a hub devoted to the legacy of his father, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and is the largest repository of primary source material on both him and American Civil Rights Movement, in the world.

The resignation comes a day after the country celebrated the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday established to honor his memory and service to nation. The King Center had earlier announced changes in their top management, via a release on Jan. 9. According to that statement, Bernice King was to have replaced her brother as CEO, allowing King III to retain the President's post. King III had been working in both capacities since the spring of 2010.

I will be devoting my primary future efforts towards launching a new organization that will focus on supporting a new generation of young 'drum majors for justice' worldwide to expand my commitment to the Kingian principles of nonviolence, social justice, and human rights, King III said, in the statement announcing his resignation.

There are no details as to why King III resigned from his post. His statement, however, adds he will continue to be associated with the Center, as an active member of the Board.