Thibault Hutin, estranged husband of former top-ranked women’s tennis player Martina Hingis, claims that the tennis star and her mother assaulted him on Monday.

Hutin claims that he was at his home when he was confronted by Hingis, her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, Swiss newspaper SonntagsBlick reports via a translation by Guyism and The Big Lead. According to his account, the confrontation quickly turned violent.

“In the course of [the dispute] Martina and her mother, Melanie Molitor, pounced on me, beat me and scratched [me],” Hutin told Blick, according to Guyism’s translation. Hutin added that Mario Widmer, the longtime boyfriend of Hingis’ mother, joined in on the assault, striking him in the head with a DVD player.

When the alleged assault was over and Hingis had left his house, Hutin reportedly realized that his passport and credit cards had been stolen, Blick reports. Hutin turned the matter over to local police, who reportedly forced Hingis and her family members to return the stolen personal effects.

Hingis' representatives deny that the alleged assault ever took place, Matt Cronin of wrote. According to Cronin, the "Hingis camp" referred to Blick's story as "total nonsense."

Blick’s original article on the alleged Hingis assault can be found here. In addition, translations of the report can be found over at The Big Lead, Guyism, and

Hingis’ alleged assault of Hutin is just the latest development in the couple’s bizarre, rapidly disintegrating relationship. In July, Hutin, a 26-year-old French equestrian, told Blick that Hingis was a serial adulterer.

In an interview with Blick, Hutin claimed that he had once walked in on Hingis while she was cheating with another man, but decided to give her another chance. Shortly thereafter, Hutin discovered that she had cheated a second time.

“Martina has a very personal conception of morality. She has always been like that; I think she has always been unfaithful to her boyfriends,” Hutin told Blick in July. “She is not alone in the tennis world, which I now know quite well. But I thought she was different from the others, that she really loved me.”

Hutin and Hingis met in 2010, and were married shortly thereafter. Despite Hingis’ alleged cheating, Hutin claims that he only learned that he and his wife were separated after reading about the “split” in Schweizer Illustrierten, a Swiss magazine.