In the wake of Burger King's menu makeover, celebrities are now lining up to support the fast food chain. Rumor has it that Jay Leno, Steven Tyler and David Beckham (who we're sure has never eaten a quarter pounder in his life) are set to endorse the company. Even sexy Latinas Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara have been recruited for promotion. Never mind that their lean figures are a clear indicator that they're not snacking on Burger King.

The chain's new chicken snack wraps are apparently so tasty that Mary J. Blige has composed a song about them. A new ad shows the diva, dressed rather bizarrely, performing inside one of Burger King's classy establishments. For some reason it has been removed from the Web, but take our word for it: It's not a pretty sight. Strangely enough, Blige isn't the first celebrity to jump into a pit of self-destruction through food ads. Here's a look at five other celebrities who have participated in mortifying fast food commercials.

Kim Kardashian has made sweet love to a salad while Paris Hilton has had a similar tryst with a burger. Stay tuned for David Beckham's new ad in which he showers in ranch dressing wearing only H&M underwear (we're kidding ... we think).