A mashed potato Slurpee sounds like a figment of a fat kid's imagination, but in fact the tater-based gruel is now available via what appears to be a modified slushy machine at select 7-11 locations.

It may be one of the most quintessentially American things the convenience store -- or any store for that matter -- has ever created, and something many Americans would love to have at their nearest 7-11.

However, as for now it is not available in the states. Raw Story claims the mashed potato Slurpee will be coming here in the near future, but for now it is only confirmed to be found in Asia (see the video below the poll at the end of this article to witness a mashed potato Slurpee machine in action in Singapore).

The machine has directions for dispensing the concoction -- which it appears will now forever be called the mashed potato Slurpee after that name took off online -- despite the fact that they are pretty self-explanatory. Here's how to dispense your mashed potato Slurpee, as 7-11 breaks it down in four easy steps on the front of the machine:

1. Place the cup under the nozzle

2. Press the Mashed Potato button once

3. Chicken Gravy will be dispensed after 3 SECONDS

4. Please pay $1.00 at the cashier counter - Enjoy your Mashed Potato!

That's right, apparently it's just $1 for your very own mashed potato Slurpee. And if that wasn't enough artery-clogging slurry for one day, you can throw in a Gulp soda for another $1 for a combo unlike any the world has ever seen before.

And the mashed potato Slurpee machine has apparently been around for at least a little while, as an advertisement attached to the front of it advertises the fact that 7-11 has brought back a free water bottle promotion back by popular demand

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Click play below to watch a YouTube video of 7-11's mashed potato Slurpee machine in action in Singapore: