Mass Effect 3 fans had a lot to be excited about this week, with new maps, weapons, and character types included in BioWare's latest downloadable content, the Resurgence Pack. The additional content and a promised extension on the game's ending sequence, called Extended Cut, is part of the developers' answer to backlash surrounding the conclusion.

Some passionate fans have argued that the only viable solution is to completely re-write the space-themed RPG's ending. However, BioWare may be revealing more information on the trilogy's closure sooner than expected.

BioWare Executive Producer Mike Gamble responded to a fan's question on Twitter, clarifying one scene in the ending sequence. A player tweeted at the BioWare employee asking, 'Were the Mass Relays destroyed in the Control (Blue) ending, too?' Gamble simply responded with 'disabled, yes.'

This suggests that the mass relays seen being blown up in the ending may have not actually been annihilated, according to GameFront.

Mass relays are transit devices scattered throughout the galaxy. These form enormous networks allowing travel throughout different star systems, making journeys that would usually take years happen instantaneously.

That's an interesting notion, given that the holographic Catalyst entity at the end of the game said that any action by the Crucible would destroy the mass relays, wrote Phil Hornshaw of GameFront. So are they not destroyed?

The game offers three different endings, each color coded. In the green Synthesis themed conclusion and the red Destroy ending, the player clearly sees the relays explode. But in the blue Control ending, the video cuts away just before the viewer can see the relay being blown apart.

As of now, there is no true way to know what exactly happened after the cutaway in the blue ending sequence. Perhaps this is an avenue BioWare will take when the Extended Cut addition is launched this summer.

While fans wait for the company's next answer to the controversial ending, YouTube has been flooded with videos analyzing the three endings, such as the one posted below. The new multiplayer Resurgence Pack also debuted this week, and ComputerAndVideoGames posted some tips on how to dominate the new content.