Video games are typically associated with hours in front of the television screen and online cooperation (or competition) with friends. But gaming gurus have found ways to indulge their passion in a less digital and more intoxicated atmosphere.

From recent phenomena such as Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed to good old classics like Super Mario Bros., video-game themes have served as the bases for an array of cocktails. Here's a roundup of the top recipes sure to get any player smashed (and we're not referring to Nintendo's classic brawl-based game).

Ryncol From Mass Effect 2: This potent beverage contains one ounce of absinthe, one ounce of grain alcohol, and a dash of blue curacao. The directions say to shake all the ingredients and pour into a small glass. However, beware when concocting this cocktail. Although Commander Shepherd can handle it, The Drunken Moogle warns: Don't do it. It's f-king nasty.

The Kirby: For those with a sweet tooth and a soft spot for Nintendo's classically cute pink puffball, this may be perfect. The Kirby is a cherry Jell-O shot made with Malibu Coconut Rum, pink lemonade, Bacardi Superior Rum, and Hiram Walker Blackberry Brandy.

The Portal Two: The cake may be a lie, but this drink isn't. Based on the shooter/puzzle adventure Portal franchise, this cocktail combination encompasses the best of both games. Aperture Science advises you need Blue Curacao, vodka, lemonade, Cointreau, rum, Orangina, and small tumblers. For the blue version, pour 10 milliliters of Blue Curacao into a small tumbler, add 10 milliliters of vodka, and top it off with lemonade. For the orange version, replace the Blue Curacao with Orangina. To add some spark to your Portal-themed beverages, add some sugar to the rim!

The Rainbow Road Shot Challenge: In classic Super Mario Bros. style, each shot represents a different monster in the Mushroom Kingdom universe. Beginning with the Goomba shot and ending with the Bowser shot, these liquors pack more punch as you go down the line. Goomba consists of Kahlua and cream; for the Koopa, you need light rum, mint, and simple syrup for a mojito flavor. Boo, any gamer's favorite ghost, consists of vanilla vodka and nondairy creamer. In shot form, Dry Bones is a dirty gin martini. And the final boss battle with Bowser himself challenges drinkers with Thai bird chili and cinnamon candy with Bacardi 151 and a cinnamon sugar rim. If that's not enough -- here's the catch: Just like Bowser's dungeon, the shot needs to be lit on fire!

The Shirley Templar From Assassin's Creed: Desmond's very own drink of choice, this cocktail contains ginger ale and Sprite infused with 1.5 ounces of gin and 1.5 ounces of grenadine, and topped with a maraschino cherry. In a highball glass with ice, fill most of the glass with Sprite and half with ginger ale, leaving just enough room at the top. Mix a shot of grenadine and a shot of gin, and top with a cherry.

These are few of the many video-game based drinks. Check out The Drunken Moogle for more ideas, including zombified Resident Evil beverages and punchy Street Fighter concoctions!