Mass Hysteria Entertainment Company announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with BASE Productions, Inc. to produce a new reality television series based on the legal profession. The series, which is yet to be titled, is the creation of Diane Jacques and co-developed by Mike Greenfield.

BASE co-Founder, Mickey Stern, stated in the press release, “Mass Hysteria Entertainment presented us with a series concept we believe has real potential for success.”

BASE Productions has won Emmy Awards for their production on many on-air series including “Crime 360” on A&E, “Sport Science” for Fox and ESPN, “The Known Universe,””Mystery 360” and “Fight Science” for National Geographic, “Human Wrecking Balls” for G4/Comcast, “Last American Cowboy” and “IPredator” for Animal Planet, “Paranormal Investigators” for SyFy , “POV PD” for TruTV and the ultimately popular “Jesse James is a Dead Man” for Spike TV, to name a few. BASE has been the recipient of 10 Emmy’s and 16 IDEA Awards for various productions. BASE uses cutting-edge motion capture and CGI technology to bring a signature look to all of their productions. Their programs have not only been rewarded with Emmy’s and IDEA Awards, but have set rating records on several major stations including Spike, National Geographic and A&E that still stand.

Mike Greenfield, Senior VP of Mass Hysteria Entertainment commented on BASE and the new partnership by saying, “BASE is one of a handful of network suppliers with multiple series currently on the air,” Mr. Greenfield continued, “In 2009, BASE produced over 120 hours of programming for major broadcasters such as A&E, Fox, ESPN, and National Geographic. Our hope is that this will be the first of many series we produce together.”

Mass Hysteria is a young, developmental company having only purchased a shell company to become Mass Hysteria Entertainment in July 2009. Since then, the company has moved steadily forward with adding award winning directors and top executives to their advisory board including the likes of John Landis (“Animal House”, “Blues Brothers”) and Albert S. Ruddy (“The Godfather”, “Million Dollar Baby”). They acquired the rights for their first feature length comedy “Slam I Am” in August of 2009. Along with this new reality series project with BASE, Mass Hysteria is also working on an original screenplay entitled, “Pub Crawl.” The story is the first one approved as a potential Mass Hysteria movie that involves audience involvement.

Shares of MHYS closed at $.052 yesterday (down 10.19%) with 72,107 shares traded. More information on productions in progress and corporate information can be found on the Mass Hysteria Entertainment website at