Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc. develops, builds and operates state-of-the-art wind energy power plants. The company has patented technology – Multi-Axis Turbosystem – which is capable of generating electricity at 40% less cost than traditional wind power technologies and is directly competitive with fossil fuel (coal, natural gas) power plants.

The company announced today that a Pennsylvania-based licensee, Electric City Wind Power, had executed a $5.8 million agreement with a group of wind power investors from the Scranton, Pennsylvania area. Under the terms of the agreement, the investors will purchase a total of 3 megawatts of Mass Megawatt’s Multi-Axis Turbosystem (MAT) equipment which will be installed as a series of wind power projects in northeastern Pennsylvania. The projects will be sized from 500 kilowatts to 1 megawatt.

Mass Megawatts has already completed the installation of the first commercialized version of the company’s new MAT model at Hunter, New York. Over the past 18 months, the company’s engineering team has been designing and field testing a new MAT configuration that allows for enhancements to the augmenter equipment to be incorporated into the overall system. Additionally, the company’s recently developed wind diffuser will be installed on the Hunter project.

The new version of Mass Megawatt’s wind power system will allow for highly efficient commercial and community wind projects to be sited in lower wind areas. This will expand the company’s footprint into areas which were previously not viable for wind energy development.

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