If you’ve been frantically searching for a Diplodocus longus skeleton to complete your fossil collection, a trip to London may be in order.

A 55-foot (17-meter) long, 19-foot tall Diplodocus longus skeleton will be sold at Summers Place Auctions in southern England’s West Sussex on Nov. 27, the Washington Post reports. Named “Misty,” the skeleton was discovered near a quarry in Wyoming, with the majority of its pieces intact.

The huge skeleton was first treated at a fossil laboratory in Holland and then sent to Britain to be assembled. And according to the auction’s curator, Erroll Fuller, around six similar skeletons can be found in several museums around the world.

The skeleton is expected to sell for more than 400,000 pounds ($640,000). It will be the first complete large dinosaur skeleton to go up for auction in Europe. Summers Places' "Evolution" sale auction will also include other animal fossils, taxidermy and antique artworks, CNN reports.

And as far as assembly goes, Fuller says Misty shouldn’t be too difficult to put back together once she is relocated to a new home. "It's been specially designed so that it can be dissembled and assembled again," he told CNN. "There's no piece so heavy that two people couldn't lift it.” The structure includes a metal armature to which her bones are attached. The armature can also able to be taken apart and put back together.

In total, Fuller believes it would take two to three people one day to take the skeleton apart and an additional day to set it back up. If you're up for the challenge of reassembling the Jurassic giant, you're in luck: Summers Place is willing to supervise the process.