A giant sinkhole, more than 200 feet long, forced a stretch of highway to close, causing traffic delays and detours in Ohio's Dover Township. The sinkhole was caused by the collapse of a pond beside the roadway.

The Ohio sinkhole is neither your normal pothole nor the kind of rough patch of road that would wreak havoc on your suspension. The sinkhole measures 200 feet long, 100 feet wide, and 85 feet deep, WEWS-TV/NewsNet 5 reported.

Lloyd MacAdam, deputy director of the Ohio Department of Transportation's, or ODOT'S, District 11, said in a statement: “A section of [State Route] 516 has eroded due to the pond failure. Our engineers are currently reviewing the extent of damage to the roadway to determine necessary repairs.”

The sinkhole swallowed 40 to feet of State Route 516 between Blair Road and Josephine Street, WEWS-TV said.

The ODOT has closed SR 516 for the time being, and there is no timetable for when it will reopen the road. Traffic has been rerouted to State Route 39 and State Route 93, so motorists should expect delays.

The sinkhole was caused by dredging equipment that led the ground to shift during a sand and gravel operation, according to WEWS-TV.

Meanwhile, WOIO reported that the ODOT is currently working on the best way to fix the sinkhole and will consult with geotechnical experts next week.

The video below shows the sinkhole along with the damage it caused to SR 516. Officials from the ODOT were on-site assessing the damage.