There is no doubt that today most of the world's wealth is created in the area of financial economics; and that major decisions are taken in the major companies deployed a large financial content. In this way, a master in the IEB has the best position to offer a master without losing the general concept also provides a financial expertise in the content of expectant students.

Therefore the Master Specialization in Finance guides to develop their teaching skills in action, this means that these will be achieved not only through the development of examples and exercises, but also develop a methodology for analyzing problems, scenarios and induction.Finally, the most important finding of this study is a graduate of the Case Method, a survey methodology used in all classes where students interact with their teachers to analyze, challenge and design different solutions to the situations that them. This is further complemented by readings, scientific materials, presentations, master sessions, group work and lectures to improve vocational training for all participants. Due to the growth of financial markets in the country, and especially the positive impact they have needed even more often, different professionals who specialize in financial economics. In this way, the IEB has created the master on the stock exchange and financial markets that both professionals and prepares graduates to guide their professional vocation to the various areas of financial activity, i.e., portfolio management, treasury, analysis, etc.

Therefore, to study a master in the IEB has to do with a totally practical methodology, which addresses the professional and further details, based on the timeliness and thoroughness of the content. In fact, each of the modules that are taught in the master is accompanied by a case study, which students will develop and analyze.

Through this master's degree in Financial Audit and Risk students not only deepen aspects but may also profoundly closer to financial products that are used both in financial firms and in the treasuries of these big companies. It also addresses issues related to risks in the stock markets and that any auditor must know in great detail. Thus, the objective of this master is to give the student an adequate training in the sector completely what you mean, technical for anyone to develop their career in relation to the audit, but always with an emphasis on the financial audit. In this way, this post has the participation of four companies of worldwide renown, which taught modules geared entirely to the practice of the audit itself, and especially to the processes taking place in various kinds of institutions.