Master Distribution Systems, Inc. focuses on building their shareholders’ value via the acquisition of a broad spectrum of enterprises that fit their value-investing philosophy. The company looks to identify companies that are undervalued. However, they also look for these companies to have strong fundamentals, superior management skills, and vision.

The Company follows extensive criteria when they evaluate the acquisition and developing of assets. These include if an enterprise’s management consistently performed well in the past and if a company can grow without assuming excess debt. They also look at a company’s profit margins; are these profits increasing, or can they increase them further. Master Distribution Systems Inc. also considers whether an enterprise’s products or services have a competitive advantage in the markets in which they operate.

The Company’s wholly owned subsidiaries are Resort Society, Inc., and Roco Contracting Corporation. Their partially owned subsidiary is Crystal Clear Window Works, Inc. Resort Society, Inc. is
a provider of luxury tour and cruise experiences for the sophisticated traveler. They also provide these tour and cruise experiences to their exclusive “Society Club” members. This subsidiary specializes in luxury tourism and club memberships and serves discriminating travelers who want the finest and most exclusive travel experience. They especially cater to those looking to travel to the most desirable international destinations.

The Company’s Roco Contracting Corporation focuses on the acquisition of distressed resort and residential real properties worldwide. This subsidiary's mission is to pursue opportunities in residential and resort properties in multiple markets throughout North America and Western Europe. They have a current focus in the newer developing member countries of the European Union.