One company that is starting to make its mark within the music industry and catch the eyes of investors is Masterbeat Corporation. Located in New York, Masterbeat owns and operates the famed website which makes remixes, electronica and the making of dance music readily available to consumers on the internet. Today, Masterbeat took a major step towards enhancing its future when they selected Allen & Caron for their corporate communications and investor relations.

The addition of Allen & Caron is a major coup for Masterbeat. Allen & Caron has grown into a giant in the investor and marketing relations field and has developed a global presence with offices in California, New York City and London. Leading the way at Masterbeat is DJ Brett Henrichsen who will serve as the young corporation’s President and CEO. Henrichsen is renowned as an international celebrity and is also a former marketing executive at IBM.

When asked what the future of Masterbeat looks like and what the addition of Allen & Caron could potentially mean to Masterbeat, Henrichsen was quoted as saying, “We are working closely with major and independent record labels and our goal is to take a leadership position in dance music. At the same time, we want to build a base of institutional investors and have chosen Allen and Caron because of their long track record of helping small-cap companies broaden their exposure to the investment community. We look forward to working together.”

Joseph Allen, who serves as CEO and Chairman of Allen and Caron, stated, “We believe that Masterbeat is a unique media company with a focused business model poised to make its mark by strategically targeting the dance and electronica genre, which is a powerful vertical with an extremely loyal consumer following. Masterbeat already has an impressive list of musical offerings and a well-known group of senior managers. We believe that when investors meet Masterbeat they will agree that it is a company in the right place at the right time with a focused strategy.”

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