Massively successful reality cooking competition “MasterChef,” will be welcoming its latest version in September. Lifetime Asia will be airing “MasterChef Asia,” starting on Thursday, Sept. 3. This edition is not restricted to home cooks from one particular country. For the first time, contestants from eight different countries will be competing.

Meet the Judges

For the first season of “MasterChef Asia,” three judges have been chosen to man the panel, just like in many other iterations of the show. Here are the “MasterChef” profiles of the three culinary hotshots, who will be calling the shots:

  1. Susur Lee- Known as the “Father of Fusion,” he is well known for bringing Asian and Western flavors together. For 20 years, he has been the consulting force behind the TungLok Restaurant group, which owns 40 restaurants across Asia. He also personally owns five highly rated restaurants located in Canada and in Singapore.
  2. Audra Morrice- She has been dubbed as the Asian version of American lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. Audra’s claim to fame is her success in the Australian edition of MasterChef. She has since landed her own cooking show and also currently runs a successful catering business and teaches cooking classes all over Asia.
  3. Bruno Menard- The French chef managed to earn three Michelin stars for L’Osier in Tokyo. The restaurant has earned a reputation as one of the top French restaurants outside of France. A veteran of the culinary industry, he is now head honcho at a culinary consulting firm in Singapore.

In Season 1 of “MasterChef Asia,” 15 home cooks have been chosen to compete. The contestants hail from Singapore (3), the Philippines (3), Malaysia (3), Indonesia (2), China (1), India (1), Taiwan (1) and Vietnam (1).  

The season will be composed of 15 episodes before the first “MasterChef Asia” will be chosen. The winning contestant will be awarded a cash prize of $50,000 among other prizes.

“MasterChef Asia” will be aired in the Asian region through Lifetime.