It is a common thought in the worlds of business and engineering that success can create greatness, and that is a reason why EV Innovations retains quality engineers like Ron “Hollywood” Cervin. The work and ideas of Cervin and other engineers at EV Innovations are leading a revolution that will change the way the world views electric vehicles. The effort of Cervin and others will help change the landscape of all the vehicles on the road and help to save the environment one car at a time.

Ron Cervin has always expressed an interest in automobiles. He got his start in the aerospace industry, working on projects such as space shuttles, F-14 fighters, T-46 trainers, A-10 aircraft, B2 bomber, and the Stealth fighter, but soon decided to pursue his true passion, automobiles. Before making the switch, Ron facilitated revisions to designs and blueprints on aircraft as well as machining and CNC machining aircraft parts with close tolerances.

Cervin may be best known for his background in NASCAR. Cervin’s time in the stock car racing industry allowed him to take part in the designing, engineering, fabricating and driving of race cars. His NASCAR resume includes race-winning and record-setting cars, along with well over 100 top 5 finishes, as well as a race-winning pit crew member for several teams. The positions held by Cervin included crew chief, car chief, rear tire changer and tire carrier.

Along with his NASCAR fame, Cervin is also know in Hollywood for his custom and exotic cars that have been used in the motion picture industry. Examples of Ron’s work are prevalent in the industry and range from exotic cars in feature films like “Gone in 60 seconds” to custom cars like a 2/3 scale working pickup truck. Cervin’s composite and fiberglass work can also be seen in the “Austin Powers” films and some of the vehicles from “The Grinch” as well as Toyota’s “bunny car” commercial.

For the past five years Cervin has embarked on a new mission, working with lithium electric vehicles. He started this goal in California but since then has relocated to Mooersville, North Carolina to the EV Innovations research and development facility. Cervin’s work with the company has been overseeing all aspects of the vehicles from safety features, impact resistance, functionality and drivability, including ground-up designs and builds for the U.S. military, full electric and hybrid sports cars, as well as custom build to order chopper motorcycles. It is employees like Ron Cervin that are making a difference at EV Innovations.

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