The “Masters of Sex” Season 2 premiere answered questions that fans had from the Season 1 finale, but audiences might have even more questions now. Check out what happened in Season 2 episode 1, titled “Parallax.”

The episode opens with Bill sitting alone looking at a blank television screen. His newborn starts crying and he just lies down on the couch. This is really just the beginning of his parental issues. Later on, he is left alone with baby Johnny for the first time and he ignores the baby, even as he wails. His mother comes over to check on him, and he blows up at her. He blames her for the years of abuse he endured from his father. He decides that his mother is going back to Ohio, and he and Libby will hire help to care for the baby.

Bill doesn’t seem to be having money problems after being fired. Despite Virginia still working at the hospital, Virginia is having some financial problems. She takes on a job selling diet pills to housewives. Lillian (who has a mysterious black eye) disapproves of it, but she doesn’t have a choice. It doesn’t go very well, but it’s clear that Virginia won’t leave the hospital. Jane tries to tell her to move to California with she and Lester. Virginia wants to complete her degree and continue working at the hospital.

Of course that would be easier without doctors hitting on her. Virginia is being inappropriately propositioned by doctors who won’t let up. She has to knee a doctor in the crotch in order to get away form him. She tells Austin how she has to deal with a dozen propositions a day and even found a dildo on her desk once. When a doctor actually approaches her for a job, Virginia yells at him and embarrasses herself. He just wants her help using a tool that she is familiar with from the study.

While Austin is one of only a few doctors who aren’t hitting on Virginia, he still hasn’t given up his cheating ways. His wife barges into the hospital with their three children while Austin hides. His wife grabs the intercom and tells the hospital that Austin slept with her sister. She yells, “Apparently Rosie was the last women in St. Louis that Dr. Langham hadn’t skewered like a pig!”

Barton is struggling with his own sexual urges. He wants to be straight. Bill accompanies Barton to electroshock therapy. He watches Barton go through electrocution in hopes of his homosexuality going away. When Barton wakes up, he doesn’t understand what happened. Later, Barton and Margaret try to have sex, but Barton cannot have sex facing her. He gets frustrated when Margaret doesn’t want to have with someone who can’t even look at her. Barton attempts to hang himself at the end of the episode. Vivian and Margaret find him before it’s too late, but they are not telling anyone, even Bill, about the incident.

Libby takes her baby to a doctor’s appointment. The doctor tells Libby not to blame herself for Bill’s study. He even compares Bill to a serial killer. She knows that Bill needs another job not just for income but so people stop pitying her.

Libby drags Bill to an event hosted by Doug Greathouse, the newest head of obstetrics at Memorial Hospital. Bill knows that Libby wants him to suck up to Greathouse to get a job, but Bill isn’t one to beg for anything. Bill runs into Gene and Betty, and Gene is very interested in the study (of course, he is unaware that Betty used to be heavily involved). Gene makes a major donation to Memorial Hospital based on an agreement to bring Bill and his study to the hospital. Bill has a job again.

Throughout the episode, viewers experience flashbacks to the moments right after last season’s finale. Bill, after declaring he needed Virginia, was let into Virginia’s house and the two had sex without taking down any statistics. When Ethan calls, Virginia leaves Bill in bed and turns down Ethan's marriage proposal. First viewers see the scenes through Bill’s perspective. Later, Virginia’s point of view is shown. Ethan knows that Bill is somehow keeping Virginia from him.

The two meet at a hotel the next night. Bill admits that sex felt different at Virginia’s house. However, he clarifies that they have a work relationship.

“Of course we’re not having an affair, Virginia. I’m a happily married man,” Bill says. They are doing the study together. Nothing more. 

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