“Masters of Sex” Season 3 will bring back two familiar faces: Allison Janney and Beau Bridges. The duo played Margaret and Barton Scully in Season 1, but Janney only appeared in one episode of Season 2 while Bridges appeared in two episodes.

The news might be surprising to some “Masters of Sex” fans. The last time the couple was seen was in the Season 2 premiere. Barton had tried to kill himself after he couldn’t cure his homosexuality, while Margaret covered it up. Bill (Michael Sheen) was fired from the hospital where Barton was his boss, and Margaret refused to let Bill see her husband. After that, it seemed like Bill would never see the couple again, and he didn’t for about three years until Barton returned in the Season 2 finale. It seems that Barton will stick around this time and he'll bring his wife back too.

Audiences shouldn’t worry about another season-long absence. “They're now in our world and, as much as they can, given their other commitments, they are going to stay in our world because we just realized what they bring is so rich,” showrunner Michelle Ashford told E! Online.

It seems like an obvious choice after Janney won an Emmy for her guest appearances on “Masters of Sex” Season 1. However, Janney’s role on the CBS sitcom “Mom” complicates things. The actress said that she initially signed on for three episodes of the Showtime drama because she didn’t want to take too much time away from “Mom.” However, she may be able to stick around for much longer than three episodes.

“Now, I think I can do more,” Janney told TV Line. “I’m hoping that ‘Mom’ will have a third season — in which case I would be doing both shows at the same time. It’s going to be hard, but hopefully [it will happen].”

After having an affair, discovering what orgasms felt like and hiding her husband’s suicide attempts, we can’t even imagine what kind of drama Margaret will be involved in during “Masters of Sex” Season 3. Audiences will just have to wait until the show premieres on Showtime later this year to find out.

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