Elle and Medgie have had a beef since day one on “Match Made in Heaven.” And as the competition heats up, so does their feud.

In an exclusive sneak peek of episode 5 of Season 2 of the WE tv series, Elle confronts her nemesis after she learns that she was out partying at a club while bachelor Stevie Baggs was on a date in Atlanta.

Episode 5 will find Stevie heading to Atlanta with Elle and his mom Lola for a charity event and night out on the town. While Stevie and Elle forge a connection, the other girls display some “bad behavior.”

Although the remaining contestants are on the show to find love with Stevie, they decide to use their free time for a wild night at the club. The girls believe their clubbing was innocent, but Elle couldn’t disagree more.

“Yesterday was a day off,” Medgie tells Elle and Sincerely. According to Elle, though, there are no “days off” while on “Match Made in Heaven.”

Medgie doesn’t take kindly to Elle’s input, and gets in her face when Elle attempts to tell Sincerely that what Medgie is saying now about the club is completely different than what she was saying in front of Lola.

“You want Shaniqua to come out?” Medgie asks Elle, getting in her face. “Shaniqua from Flatbush will come out.”

But is Medgie in the wrong? Stevie will watch video footage of the night at the club, and he won’t like what he sees. In fact, the synopsis teases that the hidden camera “forces Stevie to reconsider who to send home.”

Catch “Match Made in Heaven” Season 2, episode 5 when it airs on WE tv Thursday, June 16, at 10 p.m. EDT.