Stevie Baggs has an important decision to make in the Season 2 finale of WE tv’s “Match Made in Heaven.” The former pro football player turned businessman has narrowed his search for love down to three women. But does his mom, Lola, approve?

Eighteen contestants joined “Match Made in Heaven” Season 2 for a chance to pursue a relationship with Stevie, but only three remain — Christina, Roxie and Kimmy. Stevie has feelings for each one of them, however, only one can walk away hand-in-hand with the bachelor. Unfortunately, he can’t exactly turn to his mom for help. In an International Business Times exclusive sneak peek video, Lola reveals to host Sherri Shepherd that she has her doubts about Stevie’s final women.

“It’s a combination of being anxious and nervous,” Lola admits before Stevie makes his decision. “So my stomach is, like, turning.”

Lola’s son might have a relaxed and carefree relationship going on with Christina, but Lola worries if Christina is truly there for Stevie. She doesn’t believe that Christina is loyal, and is afraid that the 28-year-old professional dancer won’t stand by Stevie’s side when things get tough.

Roxie, on the other hand, is too rough around the edges for Lola. Although the 28-year-old singer/ songwriter has a deep spiritual connection with Stevie, Lola doesn’t think that her aggressive behavior meshes with his professional responsibilities.

“There is some more refining that needs to be done in order for her to fit into what he’s doing with his life right now,” Lola admitted to Pastor Ken Johnson the week before.

As for Kimmy? Viewers watched in a previous sneak peek video that Lola has problems with her son choosing a white woman. There is no denying the chemistry between Stevie and the 32-year-old general manager, but Lola was hoping that Stevie would find a strong black woman to call his wife.

“I am excited. I’m elated,” Lola tells the cameras. “I’ve got some mixed emotions about how I feel about each one of them.”

“Match Made in Heaven” fans can find out who Stevie chooses when the Season 2 finale airs on WE tv Thursday, July 7 at 10 p.m. EDT.