“Match Made in Heaven” star Stevie Baggs has a big decision on his hand. The former NFL/CFL football player joined Season 2 of the WE tv series to find love. Now, after starting off with 18 women, Stevie has narrowed his search for his soul mate down to three beautiful and successful ladies — Roxie, Christina and Kimmy.

The penultimate episode of “Match Made in Heaven” will definitely be a dramatic one as all three women share strong feelings for Stevie. Roxie, Christina and Kimmy will “put it all on the line” during their final dates. However, only one of them — if any of them — can walk away hand-in-hand with the bachelor.

Roxie gets the first solo date with Stevie in Thursday’s installment, but their day out doesn’t exactly go as planned. Stevie sets up a romantic gondola ride for the 28-year-old singer/ songwriter, however, it starts raining while they’re out on the water.

“I’m shaking,” Roxie tells the cameras in an exclusive sneak peek video. “My leg is twitching. My lip is shivering. I’m like, ‘what the heck is going on?’”

The two can agree that this journey hasn’t been an easy one for them, but that doesn’t mean that they’re giving up on their relationship. Stevie uses the bad weather to wrap his arms around her, telling the cameras that time with Roxie is precious to him.

“This woman … she’s so special,” he says.

But what about Christina and Kimmy? In a second sneak peek look at the episode, Kimmy confesses that she’s feeling pretty confident in her relationship. She tells the cameras that their relationship is “genuine” and that there are definitely fireworks between them.

Catch the penultimate episode of “Match Made in Heaven” Season 2 when it airs on WE tv Thursday, June 30 at 10 p.m. EDT.