NBC host Bob Costas has dealt with a barrage of jokes regarding the state of his infected eyes, but his colleague Matt Lauer may have come up with the funniest comment of all.

Costas has been talking to Lauer every day on the “Today” show to update viewers on the state of his eye infections; at one point, his eyes were so inflamed that he was forced to bow out as the anchor of NBC’s Winter Olympic coverage.

On Friday morning, Costas appeared on “Today” for a general discussion about the Sochi Olympics. At one point, Lauer asked Costas about his plans for traveling back to the United States.

“Are you here [in Sochi] for much longer?” asked Lauer. “When are you taking off?”

When Costas revealed that he planned to fly home on Monday, Lauer had a perfect one-liner ready for him. “Are you taking the red-eye home?”

“Today’s” audience had an immediate reaction to Lauer’s joke, but even Costas had a laugh at his own expense. “Did I walk into that or what?” he said.

A video of Lauer’s “red eye” joke on “Today” can be viewed below.

[h/t For The Win]