Matt LeBlanc aka Joey Tribbiani of the ‘Friends’ serial in a chat with The Sun said that he was totally burnt out after playing the character for twelve long years. He even starred in a spinoff show called Joey after Friends ended. The show saw a very short stint and was wrapped up soon.

LeBlanc said that he was so tired of playing Joey that he told his agent to lose his number for a few years.

After Joey, I didn't feel like working, he confessed. I have a 6-year-old daughter. I'd take her to school, be her dad, see friends and just goof around. Also I was burnt out after 12 years playing the same guy. I was tired. He continued: Most actors call agents and say, 'What's going on?' I'd call mine and say, 'Please lose my number for a few years!'

However, LeBlanc revealed that he couldn't miss out on the opportunity to play a fictitious version of himself on an upcoming BBC Two comedy Episodes. He said: When I heard about it I thought, 'I'd better get off the couch before my arse goes to sleep'. I'm so glad I got the part. Seeing someone else playing me would be devastating!

Negating any ideas of a ‘Friends’ movie Matt was honest enough to admit that it was unlikely to ever happen. He said, What would the story be? We all get together and have coffee? It would be almost sad. That's it for us.”

Do the Friends still meet for coffee and chat? His answer was that they are not as close as they used to be during the show. He said, If you put six people in a room with no windows for ten years, when you open the door they're going to run away from one another.

Talking about the BBC show Episodes he said it is a fictional Joey’s life. Episodes takes the whole Joey persona that I have and meets it head-on. It's really liberating.” For Matt to escape his Joey persona has become somewhat difficult, so much so that they seem to be meeting in some form or the other in every character he plays now.

His future plans: My favourite thing is to do nothing. I'm the laziest guy in the world - it'll be nice to go back home now and crawl under a rock.