Max Media Group, Inc. has a very simple, yet very powerful and extensible revenue model in the monetization of user-generated content in specific, high-value niche markets via the development of user content-based sites featuring key advertising partners like eBay. The Company has developed a host of websites, one for each of a variety of different niche markets in sport and automotive vehicles ranging from classic/exotic cars to sport boats and planes.

MXMI leverages content aggregation and monetization to create user-powered market portals that are real-time and constantly generating new content. Primary sites’ content focuses on highly sought after vehicles and/or the relevant culture associated therewith:

• Classic cars, exotic/hard-to-find vehicles and collector automobiles –,,
• Luxury motor coaches and RVs –
• Custom and rare motor cycles –
• Boats and yachts –
• Planes and other small aircraft –
• The Company has also designed a website for trading and bartering hot-ticket items and other exclusive deals –

Max Media Group also recently closed on the acquisition of – picking up a new Tarpon Springs, Florida HQ in the deal, complete with 35k square feet of space, incorporating a world class showroom of Classic Corvettes/Collectables, a repair facility and ample studio space for the Company’s radio/internet car show.

The Company has developed a massive network of independent representatives who generate the content for the various sites, which often includes 2-3 minutes of video shot of a particular car or ancillary photos, write-ups and blogs. The Company generates revenue off the advertising that is then embedded into the content. The user’s also have a chance in many cases to receive a portion of revenue from the advertising in addition to receiving listing fees and a commission when the vehicle is sold.

The Company is more than just an amazing revenue generation engine; it is also a platform for individuals/companies to publish content in any format from videos and blogs to podcasts via highly-targeted channels (in the form of its various website) that speak directly to well-defined niche markets. These sites are designed as user-driven platforms and benefit from the organic nature of information sharing, as individuals upload information on new vehicles, auctions and other exciting news/information. In many ways, this is like a user-driven magazine concept that is accessible via any networked mobile device and which leverages e-commerce and organic content generation/aggregation.

The Company is extending this concept of the user-driven platform with other sites that leverage the same core technologies and benefits of MXMI’s existing network of sites:

• Philanthropic and charitable (everything from homes to cars) –
• User-driven news and information –

The Company is also developing a mobile app so that users can upload content from anywhere and utilize the sites via mobile device. Also in the works is a new, free classified app that will provide a blog roll and be able to aggregate blogs from a variety of relevant sites and a free site designed for smallcap and startup companies to do press releases and self-promotion.