Max Media Group, Inc. is focused on providing monetized content to high-end, high impact social-based online community markets. The Company’s portals enable the public to create and organize their own news and information. Anyone, anywhere, will be able to upload breaking news stories and high-end luxury items for sale by text, photo, or video through cell phones or other mobile devices on the Max Media Group’s websites. Max Media Group, Inc. has their headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida.

The Company aggregates content in high value specific niche markets. They operate a growing network of web sites including (User provided news and information), (Classic, Exotic, and Collector automobiles), (Luxury motor coaches and RV’s), (Boating and Yachting), and (Philanthropy and Charitable giving), among others. They also own the Maximum Motoring Radio Show (

The Company has a robust growth strategy to capture audience and revenue share via acquisitions and development of low cost of entry, rich interactive platforms in the highest valued advertising demographics.

They are able to offer all of their visitors Social Media tools. This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to operate clubs and other group activities that are niche specific. Visitors can upload specific content to share in all media formats, such as text, images, or video. The Company is video and podcast enabled on many of their sites and they plan to make this a core advertising revenue generator on all of their sites. Additionally, they have plans to add print media, magazines, and newsletters to their core advertising revenue model.

Max Media Group, Inc.’s customers include individuals wanting to sell high-ticket items. The Company also sells advertising to mid and large size companies on their websites, radio programs, and their print media.

Max Media Group, Inc. recently announced the launch of their new classified advertising application on,, and These sites allow individuals to upload unlimited pictures and a video to these sites, free of charge.

The Company is continuing to focus on building niche communities around user generated content (i.e. They have a growing portfolio of niche properties developed, in development, or in the pre-development stage that they will launch and market on an ongoing basis.