One of the most lucrative aspects of the Internet has been its ability to cost effectively reach and communicate with highly focused market groups, providing extremely valuable traffic for advertisers. But developing and maintaining the kind of content needed to continually attract such a flow can quickly destroy the bottom line of even well-funded ventures.

Max Media Group has successfully modified that approach with user-defined content, allowing visitors to upload a variety of niche-specific information in all media formats, including images and video. It’s been compared with Twitter, but highly focused, and with a wider range of available formats.

The company believes this interactive publishing model will provide multiple revenue streams, including multi-format vendor advertising, product auctions, classified ads, content sales and distribution, charity marketing, database and research marketing, and even licensing.

Max Media takes its name very seriously, planning to provide users with a full range of niche coverage:

• Web – The wave of new media and technology allows the company to monetize both video and audio on the Web. Many of their sites are already video and Podcast enabled, and there are now plans to make this a core advertising revenue generator on all sites.
• Radio – Max Media is currently the lead sponsor of the Maximum Motoring Radio show, broadcast weekly throughout the Tampa Bay area, and simulcast on the web at The company has a letter of intent to purchase the show and its content, with expectations to syndicate the show nationally.
• Print – In spite of the strong and growing presence of Max Media on the Web, the company also plans to add print media, including magazines and newsletters, to its core advertising revenue model. The feeling is that there is a great opportunity for acquisition of small to mid size publishing operations in a variety of niche markets to flesh out the company’s offerings to advertisers in given niche markets.

At its heart, Max Media is an advertising company with a global audience. It serves individuals wanting to sell high ticket items, and also mid and large size companies wanting to reach focused markets in multiple ways. Their combined approach allows them to provide the richest market coverage, while leveraging economies of scale in both management and general office infrastructure.

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