Max Payne 3 is expected to be one of the biggest games of 2012. The game's new multiplayer mode, with two unique multiplayer modes, Payne Killer and Gang Wars, likewise, holds much promise for the gamers.

In Gang Wars, up to 16 players wage war as gang members in matches that follow a story, with each round's objective dictated by what happened in the last one. In Payne Killer, two players take on the roles of Max and his sidekick, Raul Passos, and have to work together to survive against six other players.

The game's lead multiplayer designer Charlie Bewsher has provided more insight on the multiplayer mode.

What are the burst upgrades the player can unlock and how will that affect gameplay?

Bursts, reportedly, are special abilities that are acquired when the players move up a level. These bursts operate on the same themes as the ones acquired from the single-player experience like paranoia, conspiracy, treachery, betrayal, and other themes that exist in the game.

Bullet Time has also been introduced which is very familiar with Max Payne fans. Bullet Time is Max's special ability that allows him to slow down time to gain an advantage over his enemies.

Another burst called Sneaky changes the color of your nameplate to appear friendly to the opposing team. This feature is important to have against players who may not be so observant of their surroundings, or for sneaking into enemy capture points.

Paranoia is a burst that turns the opposing teams' nameplates to appear hostile to one another. Moreover, each burst has three levels to unlock, so at higher levels Paranoia will actually turn on friendly fire for the opposing team.

Max Payne's plotline and if it's a two-against-the-world deathmatch

Although the multiplayer is more complex than deathmatch, it's not story-based like Gang Wars. The developers have introduced Payne Killer to give players the chance to play as Max Payne in online matches, and take advantage of his special abilities and personality. However, the game still maintains the same detail and presentation as that of Gang Wars although it doesn't have the same direct plot.

Payne Killer uniquely creates partnerships and rivalries that are constantly changing from moment to moment as the game brings together the cooperative and competitive elements. Payne Killer is expected to help build relationships with players, and deliver exclusive spurs to work together in a somewhat non-traditional way.

How was the Bullet Time introduced in the multiplayer mode?

When a player activates Bullet Time, it doesn't produce a slow-motion bubble around the player, nor does it affect the entire map. After the Bullet Time has been activated and the enemy is caught in the player's line of sight, the enemy will also be in Bullet Time and both the characters will be equally slowed down. Here the player will be in an advantageous position as his rate of fire and reload speed will be normalized, whereas the enemy's will gradually slow down. However, if the player manages to run, roll, or shoot dodge away to break the line of sight, the player will be free of the Bullet Time effect. The Bullet Time also chains from player to player through line of sight. If the enemy is caught in the player's Bullet Time and the enemy's teammate spots him from 50 yards away, they will also be caught in the effect along with anyone else who can see them.

How will Max Payne and Gang Wars tie in with each other?

It has been reported that each Gang Wars scenario has been placed within the timeline of Max's story in the single-player game, and involves the factions he meets as the story progresses. Some Gang Wars storylines also fill in the events before the single-player story happens, while others talk about what happens after the events of the game. Max's narration also provides context, with the story changing as one side wins or loses a specific round in the match. There are several gang factions in Max Payne 3, and they'll each have their own roles in multiplayer. Players also have the freedom to create their own customized gang member so they have their own look. Gang wars also provide the players with a deeper look at the themes surrounding Max in the single player story.

Do Max Payne and Raul have different abilities in Payne Killer mode? Are the rewards earned in Gang Wars consistent in Payne Killer?

Max and Raul have been provided with the same abilities, but with a few slight variations that will suit their personality. Max, on one hand, starts with his iconic dual-wield Uzis, while Raul arrives with a high-powered RPD assault rifle. Both characters are given two painkillers, and while their health does not regenerate in this mode, they have significantly more health than enemy players. Working together and sound team-work is essential to survive here as two random players can become Max and Passos (Raul) at any time. Level progression, however, is consistent across all the multiplayer modes, and experience and cash for gear or weapons is utilized across the entire experience.

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