AutoMax Group Inc. helps individuals with troubled credit or no established credit to finance a quality car and re-establish credit. Headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, they specialize in offering quality and affordable vehicles. They employ buying strategies and techniques that pass savings to their clientele.

In early December 2008, Mr. Jake Kern entered into an agreement to acquire the AutoMax trade name and the company. On December 12, 2008, AutoMax agreed to acquire Kern Automotive Group Inc. headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Since August of 2006, Kern Automotive Group Inc. operated an automotive business focused exclusively in wholesale and the Buy-Here/Pay-Here used car industry.

On December 17, 2008, Mr. Jake Kern, President of AutoMax Group Inc., announced that he agreed in principle to merge AutoMax Group Inc. with MaxWiFi Communications Inc. AutoMax Group Inc. serves the retail and wholesale pre-owned vehicle market in Georgia. They take a proactive approach to acquiring vehicles at public auction or from dealers. They focus on marketing these used vehicles to buyers with low or marginal credit. The Company’s business model focuses on acquiring, selling, and financing vehicles through flexible in-house financing options.

Last week, Mr. Kern, President of AutoMax Group Inc. announced a new strategic alliance with Atlanta Auto Showcase of Marietta, Georgia. This is to supply inventory to Atlanta Auto Showcase. The Company estimates 40-50 units per month to sell to this enterprise. This is a new area whereby AutoMax Group Inc. can generate revenue without increasing their overhead. They plan to acquire more of these same type of allegiances in the future.